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Obsolete: I replaced SuperCard with Macromedia Flash, Inspiration, and other programs.
Read this page for history: greatest use from 1990 - 1999, quickly diminishing to finishing in 2005.

For "is", read "was", except for web site references.

What is SuperCard? It's a way to make your computer look, act, and create wonders. Not play a game that someone else designed, make your own. Not set up a database in someone else's structure, make your own. Not put together graphics, movies, sounds, all kinds of media in someone else's boxes, make your own. In fact, make the graphics, movies, and sounds yourself. It is the computer virtual do-it-yourselfer's dream come true.

Or that is its promise. It could only come true if more people woke up to the fun and fullfillment that awaits. Well, it is a little nerdy; even though the commands are English language-like, you do write scripts. And it helps to have a feel for what it takes to program a computer. Well, also, it is an interpreted language (rather than compiled) and that makes it slower and clunkier than machine language, for example. Well, again, it runs on a Macintosh. In my view, that's cause for the majority of PC Windows computer users to switch, but it hasn't happened in the nineties.

I use SuperCard for many things. It is my favorite program generator. On my web site, Wholeo Online, I have images that were generated in SuperCard and projects that run on the web with the SuperCard plug-in. (Actually, the projects run with the early Beta version of the plug-in, Roadster.)


Images range from hyperbooks, through color healing, and immersive imaging.


Wholeo Online hyperbooks lists three interactive book projects. The last two are SuperCard projects that are not yet online. They are the early prototypes of the web color healing projects. The first book is back and white, started in HyperCard and finished in SuperCard. It has none of the advantages of SuperCard. However, it is online in its entirety, as web pages, Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero. A side effect is to realize how similar it is to web browsing!

Color healing layouts

Graphics for immersive imaging


These web projects were developed for the SuperCard plug-in when it was known as "Roadster". They might not work with the plug-in as changed after 1998. They are beta-level prototypes, unfinished. Web graphics show how these SuperCard projects run on a Macintosh desktop computer.

Color and Rune casting

Color weather lets you generate a layout full of colors and cast runes or colored stones, if you want. You can send the data to yourself as email and regenerate the healings whenever you want. The colors are rainbow hues.

Ascension graphics

Ascend is a stained glass window design showing the illumination of the twin flame rising over the myst of 39 spirits to the green planet. See 40 easter eggs to celebrate the process or progress.

Death transition cave inks

Cave altar is a Photoshopped photo-montage altered with SuperCard ink special effects, as a flashing light show. I created it in honor of a death transition ritual.


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