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Wholeo Online, news and history 4

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. This is edition 4. See 2001 News for News 5, edition 5. Links to previous editions are at the end.

Dec 18 2000 is the last entry for the year 2000. The Wholeo year starts December 21, and continues next week. See the continuation of last week's pages, Lookout Mars, featuring a QTVR movie, a psyberspace decompression chamber for moving to Mars. Updated the Java applet, with a list of the movies.

Dec 11 2000 Earth Map to Gaia Point in Pangaea. Lookout Mars is the final work for the turn of the Millennium.

Dec 4 2000 More photographs by Irwin Klein and Gene Wilcox.

Nov 27 2000 Signal and November View 2000 are QTVRs.

Nov 20 2000 More new old oil paintings from Minneapolis, around 1960. Two of mine that Carol Hoorn Fraser owned (old lady and red sky) and one of hers, the squirrel. I did a caricature of Three Friends, that includes us. Also, Rambusch and Fish from New York.

Nov 13 2000 For the Elobeing design exhibit in the Ice Hall, Major Event of Transformation Body, MET traces.

buttons Nov 6 2000 For the Elobeing design exhibit in the Ice Hall, CLB and XWC cross the Akasha toward the Noint Joint interface with the undivided. Buttons are invisible until mouseover, for Start, Back, Pause, Play, and Jump control of movies.

Oct 30 2000 For the Elobeing design exhibit in the Ice Hall, be with claps in color (CLB) and chaos wind (XWC). A few new old oil paintings from Minnesota, around 1960. Carol Hoorn Fraser's "Moonlight Bathers". My "Off the Back Porch" (that I thought Carol owned). Indecision. And my earliest published work, from 1945, at 11 years old, The Blue Gate.

Oct 23 2000 For the Elobeing design exhibit in the Ice Hall, Looking up the Staff, movie 1 of the Staff to Noint Joint series. Globe movie (QT 5 QTVR).

Oct 16 2000 For the Elobeing design exhibit, Chaos Winds of Change (XWC) history begins. Updated the New York art page with links to the Pacific Ocean, a painting and a photo.

Oct 10 2000 In preparation for the coming of the new and spherical QuickTime viewing, here is a new badge. If you have a preview version of QuickTime 5, you can see some all around QTVRs.

Oct 2 2000 Turn and Return, a special View 2000 for October, comparing old and new panoramas of Bishop, Owens Valley, in the Sierra mountains of California.

September 25 2000 Pepper trees fruiting, join the equinox show, along with Inigo and Waft, the sunflowers, day-by-day. Computer trickster creates modern art.

September 18 2000 Exhibit in the Ice Hall opens for an evolutionary being, the Elobeing. First views of a month in the lives of two sunflowers, heralding the September equinox.

September 11 2000 Topics of the design (historical) for an evolutionary being, the Elobeing, starting with base camps and breathing gap. Turquoise aura altar.

September 4 2000 History of the design for an evolutionary being, the Elobeing, starting with Flybys. Prepare for the September equinox. Improved the reproduction of the painting to Leo, by Mel Geary.

August 28 2000 Roots of the design for an evolutionary being, the Elobeing.

August 21 2000 Vision of an Elobeing, in spherical panorama. Overjoy at the Noint Joint.

August 14 2000 Summer look around and up in Foothills Park. These are big and beautiful movies, about 1MB each.

August 9 2000 Netscape browser Java Warning!! Netscape Java problem opens a security risk to your computer. Turn off Java in the Netscape browser preferences. The Recolor button and other JavaScript slide shows and popup windows need Java to work. So they now will not work.

August 7 2000 NrG walk, revisited. Read the story or open a window full of the movie.

July 31 2000 Recoloring just got a whole lot better, with the entire 216 web-safe color palette. Click the Recolor button button and then "More color choices" to choose another background color for this page. Try it with colored light spirits. A side effect is seeing the hex code for each color. Also, View2000 for July.

July 24 2000 More oil paintings done in Staten Island.

July 17 2000 Color winds.

July 10 2000 A print in the gallery: "Four Winds" by Malcolm Myers.

July 2 2000 Independence Day, for one and for all.

June 29 2000 For Wrinkle 11, the June solstice, a Wholeoid energy person glows with Gaia Point and Bristlecone Medicine Wheel (BMW) CLBs at the Great Spirit path. For View2000 June, a banana slug takes a spin around a tree at the bench.

Shasta caverns

June 19 2000 Just in time for the solstice, Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People, a pictorial book. Colored Light Beings come to Gaia point surrounds , a great virtual place to be for the June solstice 2000 and beyond. See also a closeup QTVR panorama of the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel (BMW) CLBs.

June 12 2000 See the sphere view, Coming of Wholeo or a hemisphere, Cosmic Wholeo. Gaia point surrounds is a great virtual place to be for the June solstice 2000 and beyond. Signal is a Peeling the Grape vision.

June 5 2000 June solstice 2000 supports World Peace and Prayer gatherings in spherical views from inner earth and inner eye.

May 29 2000 Another interactive immersive image in sphere viewers, the Vibe Icosahedron. Also, other drawings done in Staten Island.

May 22 2000 Updated the all-around views of Wholeo, the stained glass dome, in preparation for QuickTime 5 (the best is yet to come).

May 14 2000 Drawings in Peru and Bolivia include colored light beings (CLBs) and a feminine theme.

May 8 2000 Blessings of Gaia. Addition to May at the bench in Foothills Park from last week.

May 1 2000 May at the bench in Foothills Park.

Apr 24 2000 Peeling the Grape images, Flash animations, and a QTVR at the Noint Joint and in expanding consciousness.

Apr 17 2000 Wholeo Online moves to a new virtual domain, The whole works is now on the web. A new graphic, "EIE at the Noint Joint".

Apr 10 2000 Great Spirit Path, 12 colors around the wheel of stones engage the cosmic symbols and TLM energy visited last week. See them in QTVR panoramas and spherical Java applet movies. Also, a slide show.

Apr 3 2000 Cosmic symbols, with 3D and 5D Tetrahedronal Light Muscle energy. See them in images or interactive Java applet movies.

Mar 27, 2000 5D consciousness expansion in 10 tetrahedrons.

Mar 20, 2000 Integrating higher chakras, for the March equinox, Wrinkle 10, and View 2000, month 3.

Mar 13, 2000 Scanned artworks: Passage of a Leaf stained glass, Gateless Gate stained glass, Wakeup to Orange drawing, and painted house and person photo. On a Macintosh, see another creative computer act (crashes PC).

Mar 6, 2000 Prix Ars Electronica 2000 entry. Called View 2000.

Feb 29, 2000 Move On information for your politics.

Feb 28, 2000 Mischievous Lizard Dreaming Color Again, presents a QTVR movie. Starts entries to the project, View 2000, a QTVR-a-month by producers from around the world.

Feb 21, 2000 Study for a new graphic entrance to Wholeo Online.

Feb 14, 2000 Descriptions of wrinkle 2000, all 98 of the QTVR movies. A story of coincidence.

Feb 7, 2000 Valentine greetings are here. Can you perceive this slight color change?

Jan 31, 2000 Color chakra chant. The immerse path button file came out too big for an icon, but works as an altar (150KB Flash).

Jan 24, 2000 Added to wrinkle 2000 pages. Started a Valentine page.

Jan 17, 2000 Scanned artworks, one for each major part of my past: Minneapolis, NY, SF, Staten Island, Monte Rio. The art pages start here.

Jan 10, 2000 Color Bell, a Y2K day QTVR for a wrinkle in time 2000. Also the underlying QTVR.

Jan 3, 2000 A very bright full moon on the December 1999 solstice. Movies of the sun and moon settings, risings, and paths.

Dec 27, 1999 Watch the December 1999 solstice pages in the next few weeks.

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