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O, there is joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart . . .

Consider this overjoyed Noint Joint. Overjoying causes blue energy to appear.

Physicists wonder about the vacuum that must have existed before the big bang. How did all that energy come about? They seem to unrealize that a vaccum is not nothing, it is 0/1. As an "it", nothing is undivided, it is 0/0. But physicists find that undefined. Fine, yes the undivided must remain undefined.

Physicists do seem able to use 0/0 for superconductivity though. That is the state expressed in the equation voltage (energy potential) divided by no resistance (no stuff) equals current (infinite movement of energy in no stuff). Or as a formula, V/R = I, where R=0. Forgive my science, I am but a mystic treading in science realms. But it is something like that according to my understanding and knowledge.

One physicist dares to tread in mystic realms and bring it all together. At the threshold of the vacuum he finds love or the desire of spirit to be something. That is Fred Alan Wolf in The Spiritual Universe. Desire is a lack, a negative. Joy is a have, a positive. Desire can't be fulfilled, leading to addiction. Joy is fullfillment, it has no needs, it merely enjoys. Yes, there is love. But love implies duality. OK, it can be the unified duality of yin and yang. But before that is the Noint Joint, between the divided and the undivided.

What comes first from the undivided? Joy. Dividing is joyful. This is the ultimate joy (as seen by the whole self, or what Fred calls the soul) not the opposite of sorrow.

I hope you have a great big bang. See the Light Body book page showing how the Major Event of Transformation body (MET) springs for love from joy in nothing. See how the evolutionary Elobeing features a MET.

Actually, I've left spirit out of it, so this is not a fair representation of Fred's position. More on that to come. Same for universe. And the.

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