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Lookout Mars

Enter a special place and consider moving to Mars. For background, see the journal and discussion. This place is coming into being right through the year 2001. These files appear to all be the same thing. Except for the twangers, all come from the same source. In general, they are in order from top to bottom. At the top are the all around movies with the finest detail that are the most interactive, but are the largest files, requiring QuickTime 5. The middle alternatives are the twangers, the spherical java, or videos. At the bottom are images. Your choices include:

A QTVR movie is a wondrous space. It is like being in at least six paintings at once. The range of views is as great as the differences between north and south, up and down, in and out. Since the opposites flow liquidly into each other they fall into context and must work together. It is a place to find balance, solutions, and managing of complexity.

The dead twigs, berries, and leaves fallen underfoot sprout up in bright colors to inspire expanded color vision. The empty black space of tired nights and peering telescopic lenses comes alive in the color wheel completer royal magenta, flexing the electromagnetic spectrum to a regenerative cycle. Strange beings, including us, meet in this space.

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