December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2001 - Lookout Mars

Journal entries introduce the special place. Then comes an email discussion about moving to Mars. Curly braces, {like this}, indicate my edits for this page. When you get the idea, enter a special place and consider moving to Mars. Start the year 2001.

Journal entries for a special place

The essential qualities are being a magenta flower place to contemplate man's evolution off earth. The first step is biological, after death, and traveling to Mars. Has twangers, which I'd like to animate, with sound and user interactivity. A place to contact spirits that aren't visible on earth. Think about the consequences before making mistakes. Could have color healing. Have Mars globe at N pole, like altar. And flower superimposed on the floor below. Or imagine what?

temple twangers9/27/92 {First expression of the temple. See also the context of this vision.} Saw massive fern arising from mid-space. Epiphanetic (spelling? Dictionary says epiphyte, a plant that rests on another but gets nourishment from air) plant growing intense orchid. A flower. Moist glistening petals and some intense markings. Read them sometime. Dwell on interior of flower. Make it your chapel and place of worship. Could even architect it as a space. But see it wither as any flower on earth. Drops down dead. But the seed of the flower is the blue light powered by the orchid essence. It's hard to have a vision of a point that does not exist in space but see the emanation. And that is the true power center for these cell spirits that are preparing.

See the orchid architecture stamens? pistols? During construction twang them with purple paint to daub interior with tiger lily marks. Probably 5 twangers. Drawing flexible metal (arrow pointing at the twangers). Children can play and make music on the climbing toy instrument.

3/8/93 The magenta is of course the magenta flower temple where I can always go to meet Elo (the evolutionary being). How I wish I could just make one. I must make a virtual walk-through temple with color healing abilitys {sic, abilities}. I wonder if it could be in Shasta cavern, accessed through the reassembled shards of witch's crystal ball?

12/18/94 Temple celebration whackers idea. This would be good: "I just remembered the sparkly, confetti-like consistency of our 'bodies' or should I say 'manifesting presences?' Which also had the sound of crescendoes of tiny bells. But it is important for us to stay grounded on earth, where, strangely, there is less awareness. Simply loving intention and sending to earth. Earth warming. Towards the end, we each took our turn getting a 'full-feather' aura cleansing. And I could see we each felt very fine. I sang 'Alleluia' to close."

11/20/97 Spent some time composing an idea for building a cathedral on Mars. Really turned on. Must start it on lookout. Lookout to Mars, designing a sacred space on Mars. Wondering if it is cowboys and indians all over again. The ethical issues of building on mars. And the missionary all over again. And the men (cathedral phallic symbol) again. It brings up every issue, all over again. Could link from every issue I find here on earth at the lookout, to possibly taking that with us out into the universe. Maybe that is the big issue of the millennium, what are we going to take with us to space? Already we are littering our own earth orbit. And have left stuff on the moon. Is this good or bad? Right or wrong? To be repeated or guarded against? Maybe the contest should really be broadened to "design a space on Mars." Go to NASA site and get some pictures from Mars for starters. What kind of lookout would you build on the moon? A sacred space? Terraform the whole thing? Start with a lookout outpost to observe and learn before any alterations at all.

11/23/97 Design a millennium visitor center. Wholeo is the "it" to be moved. Devoted to what it would take to satisfy ecologists that we are ready for takeoff. When so, could move it to Mars. It will be an answer to the pilgrim's call for cathedrals. It could have an arc or bridge stairs to an intermediate level, or maybe two intermediate level rooms. The square library. The haptihedron web room. and the dome consciousness room. Maybe the bottom rooms would be waiting rooms in case Wholeo too full and wished to restrict access.

11/25/97 About T2k and the Mars discussion. This is a perfect issue for the way we should celebrate and ritualize and observe this as a primitive rite of passage to satisfy the cravings of our psyche, while exercising our intellect and powers of communication. Isn't the challenge to put our technology in service of our survival rather than as desecrator in name of short term goals? Just like the peace/do-good is complementary, I see these arguments as so. We do now have the opportunity to look before we leap before going to Mars. We should have respect. Forests and glaciers might not be appropriate there. Yes go, yes expand, yes propagate, but do so with as great insight and adaptability as possible. And preserve wilderness, just as we value it here.

12/18/97 Interesting that life is seen as disequilibrium. Read that in Fuller and also this morning. Mars systems are in equilibrium where there is no life. Huh? Isn't there always equilibrium but we can't see it? Isn't life a balancing act, where the more lively, the more dynamic balancing required? O maybe they mean all the accidents and deaths and unbalanced things we do. Tight timespace focus does look unbalanced. And maybe that's where we want to focus?

1997 Email discussion about moving to Mars

I hope I'm not violating any rights by publishing these excerpts from an online email discussion. I've eliminated identities for protection. Each bullet contains one message. The second bullet is a lengthy proposal, by Austin Repath. It was published earlier. You can visit the orginal site at The remaining bullets discuss the topic or are closely related. I've indicated my contribution as 'by Caroling'.

Get the idea? Enter a special place and consider moving to Mars.

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