Art in Monte Rio - Wakeup to Orange

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One night I woke up suddenly with a single, riveting, intense vision of a small orange glob. On March 1, 1979 I wrote,

"Went to sleep and woke up with orange contraction from a totally expanded space. My balloon had popped. I screamed, breathing in, and raised up. I'm terrified. Seems like I've contracted from some space trip. I guess I will go into the living room totally skeptical, yet fearing contact. I actually partly believe and fear this experience."

About the drawing

In 1979, I drew with colored pencils to create the inner contraction to orange. To show movement, I drew dynamic rainbows with cosmic juices powering in, surrounding the orange. Around that is the regular dark night air, filled with globules of freely moving prana or spiritual energy.

Make of it what you will

In 2001, I discovered that about the time of my wakeup vision in 1979, "The Orange Show" was about to open. This was (is) a folk art environment devoted to orange, the lifework of one man. So in the dreamworld, was I responding to his opening? Were we both tuned to manifest our individual versions of orange at the same time? Cause and effect are impossible to pin down. But the synchronism is remarkable!

See it moving

In 2003, the dream is as vivid as it was that night. How about animating it? See the zooming movie.

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