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Differences in browsers, equipment, taste, and physiology all affect color perception. JavaScript* to the rescue, providing a way to put a button on each page that brings up a Recoloring window. However, pages with CSS styles don't work with the script. I'm sorry about that since I love to play with color. Must fix.

Netscape browser Java Warning, please read

The window can stay up for use on any page in the Wholeo Online site. If you get a JavaScript error when you try to recolor, close the Recoloring window and click the "Recolor" button again.

People who are JavaScript-challenged will continue to be color-challenged here.

MSIE 4 on Windows 95 users: if "Recolor" button creates an error, here is a fix.

216 colors

Recoloring with 216 colors

From the Recoloring window, click "More color choices". A 216-color image map*appears. Clicking any square changes the background color of the opening window. You might have to click two or three times to get action.

Color is relative, so your choice might look different in the graphic and on the page. Try many colors. Try also the medium and large graphics. You need to enlarge the window and scroll to see them all.

Systems with right-mouse button or browsers with a status line show the hexadecimal number for each color. These colors are exact on systems with 8-bit (256 colors) or 24-bit (millions of colors) color. 16-bit (thousands of colors) palettes do not contain exact matches, so color might vary somewhat.

*Credit for image and scripting from JavaScript Source.

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