June solstice 2000

On June 21, specifically at 1:48 UTC (universal time), I meditated at a virtual gathering. At Gaia Point, Wholeo and the Cosmic Symbol encircle the Great Spirit Path together with the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel stations. See a Java applet sphere view, QTVR panorama, or image for the gathering. Consider it a place for vision quest and being the Holy O. Here are the visions of the day. It is Wrinkle 11 synchronized.

Visit global sphere views with links to the world peace website. Notice the buffalo, sacred white and after image of buffalo spirit. Eye of Gaia (looking out from within earth) and Celestial sphere (web of inner eye and connection, with stars and sunpath colored for the seasons).

View 2000

My photographs and visions are part of the Wrinkle 11 and View2000 projects. Here's a way to step through the months with a popup calendar. For each month, click the View2000 logo to go to the main database of all entries in the project. Click the arrows to move back and forth through time, from month to month, on Wholeo Online, this site.

KathyW art

View2000 logo and supporting graphics © 2000 KathyW

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Wide Web

peace day animated banner

A wonderful movement is underway in the heartland of America for the June solstice, 2000. The actual solstice moment is at 01:48 UTC, whatever time that is where you are. However, there is no time like now to gather energies focusing on world peace. Visit the World Peace and Prayer Day website for details from the sponsor. The idea is to participate in local gatherings all over earth and web at solstice time.

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