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Bristlecone Medicine Wheel at Gaia Point with Great Spirit Path

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Ritual spaces are elements of virtual realities. They combine visionary and real spaces for imagination to dwell within and take off from.

The Bristlecone Medicine Wheel in spiral form starts with the Chief, seen to the left of center, up front. Going around to the left, clockwise, are the Shaman, Arbiter, Storyteller, Scout, Actor, Sky Keeper, Singer, Whole Sound Beings (1-5), Medicine Keeper, Event Master, Psychologist, Remote Healer, Gate Keeper, and Whole Hieloheal Beings (1-5). The Caretaker sits on the center stone at the Great Spirit Path.

There is a sphere view and a panorama of this scene, created for the June solstice, 2000.

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