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Foothills Park - August

The original window into this place says: "Rest here, honor nature, look around, and up. It is fall." Here it is summer;time to do the same thing, look around at the woods and up at a tree. The fall pages describe the place. More visits in winter and spring add depth. These pages complete the tour of four seasons.

This is a partial panorama covering the view from a bench in front of a rock wall. The rock might have been cut back into the hill to make space for the bench. Morning sun streams from behind the rock onto the hills and woods in front, cutting through the haze in high light contrast. It brings out aspects not seen before.

The beginning and end of the movie has hotspot links to the November and May panoramas of the same scene. The May movie also has an inner vision view. The tree in the middle of this movie has a link to a vertical view of the tree. The lower edge of the movie over the creekbed has a link to the February visit, an imaginative view as seen by a dreaming salamander.

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This panorama is part of a project to document each month of the year 2000 in QTVR movies. It is called View 2000, a QTVR-a-month by producers around the world. This is August, month 8. Traverse the calendar.

tree fantasy

See Foothills Park bench scene in November, February, May, or June. See the Tree in August.

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