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On September 26, 1992 I was driving south down the Owens Valley on highway 395. I was between the high Sierra mountains on the right and the Ancient Bristlecone Forest in the White mountains on my left. I was in deep grief, having lost my son two days ago. I was on my way up to somewhere high where I could be near the bristlecone pine trees.

Suddenly my attention was vividly alert. I felt a turquoise color surrounding me with a soft yet springy, 1-inch thick, tufty aura. It was a healing energy hovering about 1 inch away from from my body all around. I felt comforted and protected and soothed. What a blessing.

At about that time my daughter was across the continent in New York City, buying a present. The next day she came and gave it to me - a turquoise hood of thick mohair that looked exactly like the energy I had felt. It is on the background of this page.

Did the spirit of my son play a part? Who was the originator? Did I create it from my deep grief? Did I pick up on my daughter's intention? Did she see the hood as my vision? With connections we experience the synergy but not always the cause and effect relationships. Words like cooincidence and synchronicity apply.

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