September equinox 2000

The equinox is on September 22, specifically at 17:27 UTC (universal time).

Sunflower welcome and pepper tree harvest

Follow two sunflowers to the equinox. Inigo is already in full bloom and goes to seed way ahead of the equinox. Waft begins as a bud and goes to seed on target in the last picture on September 22. Here they are side-by-side in late August. After the equinox, see their story, day-by-day. At the moment of the equinox, join a small stand of pepper trees, fruiting. See them in QuickTime movies or images.

two sunflowers

View 2000 and Wrinkle 12

My photographs and visions on the equinox are part of the Wrinkle 12 and View2000 projects. Here's a way to step through the months with a popup calendar. For each month, click the View2000 logo to go to the main database of all entries in the project. Click the arrows to move back and forth through time, from month to month, on Wholeo Online, this site.

KathyW art

View2000 logo and supporting graphics © 2000 KathyW

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Global events

Devote the preceeding days to world peace, starting September 19. See the Cloth of Many Colors for inspiration and connection with a global event. For specifics, see the press release.

I meditated on September 24, in tune with Drunvalo Melchisidek, who led the event broadcast by World Puja, at Background on this global meditation for world peace is at I always feel expanded and inspired by global meditation. At 12:30, I felt done and got up. Just then the sound broke off. Drunvalo's phone connection was lost. It made me feel even more connected to this event.

Triple Stargate

See for information about crystalline alignment meditations.
September 20, 2000
6 AM Polar Points for the 13th polar energetic
NOON Polar Points for the 12th Polar energetic
6 PM Polar Points for the 11th Polar Energetic

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