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Wholeo Online, news and history 5

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. Refresh this window each week on Tuesday to reload and see Monday's update. This is edition 5. See 2002 News for News 6, edition 6. Links to previous editions are at the end.

Dec 17 2001 Reminder of a colored light being, a plastic CLB. So that's all for this year. Wholeo will be back in the next one. It's time for a change. On to 2002 news.

Dec 10 2001 Optimized the LIFE (Staten Island) drawing into a smaller vector version (250 KB).

Dec 3 2001 Translated a Staten Island drawing, LIFE (~1970), into a Flash interaction (330 KB).

Nov 26 2001 Imagine a MET at Strawberry Fields.

Nov 19 2001 Condominium, in California.

Nov 12 2001 Year 2012.

Nov 5 2001 Sculpture in Wellington Botanic Garden , New Zealand. Titled "A Listening and Viewing Device".

Oct 29 2001 Relating to Aelon on radiant ground in the New Zealand Waipoua Forest Sanctuary.

Oct 22 2001 Pools in waves of vibration, a journal excerpt.

Oct 15 2001 Evolving Benetron's staff expression of color radiants. Also Gaia Point symbols.

Oct 8 2001 Color radiants start. Lost and Found ritual objects. Added 1966 oil painting, Seeing Thicker. Added Oriana variations.

Oct 1 2001 "Eye, Sky, Cry", a mother's poem. Color radiants and evolutionary splurts.

Sep 24 2001 Global wrinkle, Life Goes On , a QuickTime VR view of Crowley Lake, Owens Valley, California. Links to spirit earth arc movie for the walk of life on earth and colors of lift off in transition (smaller version).

Sep 17 2001 In memorial for the transitions of September 11, 2001, a Spirit Earth Arc storyboard. For an affirmation of spirit, see the calendar note for September 17.

Sep 10 2001 The antithesis.

Sep 3 2001 U of Minnesota MFA written thesis, 1960, final installment.

Leo n camera Aug 27 2001 More photos of adventuring in the New Zealand Southern Alps by and of Leo Geary. Updated QuickTime pages for the ActiveX components needed by Windows 5.5 SP2 and 6.0.

Aug 20 2001 Mt. Shasta photos at Panther Meadow.

tower and bench Aug 13 2001 Power Tower, a vertical QTVR at Vista Point at Rancho San Antonio, a park in the Bay Area, California.

Aug 6 2001 Rancho San Antonio, a park.

July 30 2001 MFA written thesis, 1960, third online installment. Title: The First Zen Buddhist Painters and Their Relationship to Contemporary Art. New under Color, Colorful Links.

July 23 2001 MFA written thesis, 1960, second online installment, see above. Added a looping version of all three acts on the Elobeing evolutionary stage.

July 16 2001 MFA written thesis, 1960, first online installment, see above.

July 9 2001 Vacation views of Minnesota.

July 2 2001 New email at domain. Added footprint links to the Path Through the Weeds painting page. Started a new cooincidences page. Added Act 3 to related pages on the Elobeing evolutionary stage.

June 25 2001 "To the Old Mr. Geary" is an oil painting from 1959-1960, now in the Minneapolis Art section.

June 4 2001 Added interactive coloring to the flat background on the Elobeing evolutionary stage.

May 28 2001 Added Act 2 to all related pages on the Elobeing evolutionary stage.

May 21 2001 More inherited photos. RadarAwry. Cast of characters, showcasing the actors from the Elobeing evolutionary stage.

May 14 2001 Added inherited photos. Modularized the Elobeing evolutionary stage (same content, just selective downloads - more, smaller). Act 1 on stage.

May 7 2001 Wonder in EIE, the expansion of consciousness structure advances the process on this page. Wonder on stage with the Elobeing chakras. Animated Wholeo site ID card. Ma's memorial: Leo's death day.

Apr 30 2001 Added Act 1 and a flat-colored backdrop to the Elobeing design exhibit stage. The Flash movie is about 450 KB. Next week look for smaller modules, so you don't have to download the whole movie at one time.

Apr 23 2001 Added scenery and an example of how to use the Elobeing design exhibit stage. By the way, QuickTime 5.0.1 is available now.

Apr 16 2001 Go on stage in the Elobeing design exhibit to see the cast of the play.

Apr 9 2001   <img src="movies/entry4sm2.gif" width=150 height=125 align=right usemap="#flash5ok2" border=0> New works require Flash 5 + browser plug-in. If this movie says "Flash OK", you have the plug-in. It might say "Upgrade Flash". It might just be a blank space. Troubleshooting happening now ... Meanwhile, see the Flash plug-ins information, please.

Apr 2 2001 Color healing for a partnership. Carolyoga sketch of energy in standing pose.

Mar 26 2001 Finished the EIE (structure of consciousness) movie in the Elobeing design exhibit. Added a photo of a lenticular cloud over Silicon Valley.

Mar 19 2001 Prix Ars Electronica, Cyber Arts 2001 entry.

Mar 12 2001 Celebrating Leo Geary, with more photos: paragliding, rafting, and clowning. Added a scene to the EIE (structure of consciousness) in the Elobeing design exhibit.

Mar 5 2001 EIE (structure of consciousness) emerges in the Elobeing design exhibit.

Feb 26 2001 A map of the Elobeing exhibit in evolution.

Feb 19 2001 Added orange background Chakra 12s to the altars. Resize the window for effects. MET color choosing is done.

Feb 12 2001 Added interactive MET color choosing to the movie in progress for the Elobeing design exhibit in the Ice Hall (4/5 finished). There is an info page, too. Needs Flash 5.

heartFeb 5 2001 Valentine (a holiday on February 14, celebrating love).

Jan 29 2001 A special carolyoga, gathering color sparkles from snow at Mt. Shasta. For the Elobeing design exhibit in the Ice Hall, MET color choices needs you.

Jan 22 2001 Monte Rio Dream Journal covers. Drawings of Carol Hoorn Fraser. Photographs by John Fraser.

Jan 15 2001 For the Elobeing design exhibit in the Ice Hall, Major Event of Transformation Body, MET.

Jan 8 2001 Get ready for the Noint Joint MET (here's a sketch) by making sure that you can see in the dark.

Jan 1 2001 Sounds to bring in the New Year and the third millennium. Practice (Flash or QuickTime movie), move in (Flash movie with Mars image), and enter (QTVR Mars movie). All with twangers.

Dec 25 2000 is the first entry for this year, mostly 2001. The Wholeo Online web year changes at the December solstice. Gateway of Dreams solstice visions for Wrinkle 13. The final entry for View 2000 (12).

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