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Color healing - business partnership

On March 26, 2001, I ran a color healing program, asking for a healing for a disagreement between two previous partners in business. I asked for win/win results and arbitration on an inner level. The pano movie on this page is the immediate result.

Each of the following links pops up in its own window, so you can compare them with this page. Please consult the runesigns and details for pictures of the rune numbers. There are two female runesigns. One OMlulu runesign (see details). The orientation overlay changes the background color and provides an equatorial ring of colors so you can tell where you are. Celestial sphere is a QuickTime panorama relating seasons and constellations with the milky way and other stars. (See also the flat image of the sphere.) The pano is overlaid with a framework of six great circles of an EIE. The basic pano does not have the orientation, stars, or frame layers, so the color is elemental. Images has various source images for the movie and different views.

The situation is laid out horizontally; the interpretation is personal, you might have another. The X, #15, the partnership runesign is near the equator and Libra stars. See the balancing scales and the judgement of Libra. Personally, the X for me is chakras and Wholeo, the balance of my whole self. The separation/parting runesign, 2, is near the equator and the center of the galaxy. Personally, this is the prayer sign, where there is prayer, there is separation, a gap to be bridged.

The players cluster vertically, one female in the north, one in the south. The south female is near the stars of Aquarius. She moves to the point of healing (#14 self/female, #9 movement/creation, #25 unknown/beyond, #10 disruption/guidance). The north female is the other female partner. She is near the stars of Hercules, clustered with the gateway priest initiation to an unknown potential (#14 self/female, #12 gateway/fertility, #17 protection/priest, #4 initiation/unity, #26 OMlulu/undivided).

Now to look at the colors. I can see them better without the orientation and stars filters in the basic pano. Then the background is lavendar, not pale aqua. No words come for the colors.

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