Leo Geary Photographs - New Year, 1989, S Alps of NZ

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| Red Tarns |
| airplane |
Justin, Brett | N of Sefton | Near Welcome Pass
friends | broken ankle
Leo in cast

Leo adventured, climbed, and flew his parapente in Mt. Cook National Park from December 22, 1988 through January 11, 1989. On the morning of January 6, Leo roped in on the Linda Glacier with Justin and Brett (see upper left). The vacation ended with an accident. The small images are Red Tarns-Sebastopol, the plane before flight, N. Ridge of Sefton (rock crevice waterfall), cliff near Welcome Pass, friends Justin/Brett/Francy, Leo with a broken ankle, and the leg in cast overlooking Queenstown. Click a small image for a medium size image. Or click a word link for a large size image.

See journal entries for these events. See more photos of the alps.

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