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Here are a few photos from a trip to in the Southern Alps of New Zealand for the New Year, 1988-1989. Leo climbed, skied, and parapented off several peaks, including Mt. Cook. I'll add to the collection as time permits.

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Notes by a visitor to the site (March, 2000):

The shots are a very foreshortened view of the North side of Mt Cook, NZ, from the Linda glacier. This is the most common ascent & descent route, and is climbed from Plateau Hut on the east side of Cook. The rocky slopes are the so called "Summit Rocks" , the top of them are about an hour before the summit.

The 2nd of the Mt Cook shots is actually the earliest, looking up at the ice cliff which forms the bottom edge of the Linda Shelf with the Summit rocks behind. It's as dodgy as it looks. The first shot is next, on top of the shelf looking at the summit rocks. The third is presumably at the foot of the rocks, the 4th is climbing snow gullies thru the rocks.

For some art related to the first picture, done by Caroling, see Windy.

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