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Wholeo Online, news and history 6

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. Refresh this window each week on Tuesday to reload and see Monday's update. See 2003 News for News 7, edition 7. This is edition 6. Links to previous editions are at the end. Alternatively, see Weekly Images.

Dec 16 2002 Stained glass commission in 1966, the Faith Symbol.

Dec 9 2002 Out back Sunset QTVR interactive panorama. See the same scene in September.

Dec 2 2002 Back to the summer solstice, Deer Lake State Park dunes.

Nov 25 2002 Null condition investigated by color radiants. Or is it infiltrated?

Nov 18 2002 Null condition color control.

Nov 11 2002 Continuing the conditions of Elobeing evolution, enhancing interactions. Added a gallery of conditions. Worked on detection of the correct plug-in version for previous Flash movies.

Nov 4 2002 Through the starlight interstices to conditions of Elobeing evolution, a story in the exhibit.

Oct 28 2002 On to the interstices, the liquid starlight of ^elo^.

Oct 21 2002 Added animated Flash slide show of the creation of the Noom of ^elo^ in the Elobeing story of evolution.

Oct 14 2002 Added two pictures of Leo to this family page. Busy creating a hurricane escape plan, not to be published.

Oct 7 2002 Guide to Wholeo, Magenta arc.

Sep 30 2002 Guide to Wholeo, above. A stray thought of the week.

Sep 23 2002 Breathe In Carolyoga, a practice using the Wholeo dome panel visualization.

Sep 16 2002 Out back QTVR panoramic movies before and after a tropical storm.

Sep 9 2002 Breathe in, Breathe out - Wholeo, guide to glass panels on the sun path.

Sep 2 2002 Wholeo, guide to sun path, death in the west. Drawing resembling an alien entity, Leathern.

Aug 26 2002 Wholeo, guide to the sun path, continued, focusing on SUL, TLM, brain cell and Information Storage Block.

Aug 19 2002 Wholeo, guide to the start of the sun path in the deep blue arc.

Aug 12 2002 Resumed the Wholeo Guide to the aqua arc.

Aug 5 2002 Added a cross-references page for chakras (energy centers).

Jul 29 2002 Refined the improved intro movie started last week (requires Flash, best with 4+). Also, an intro page if you don't have Flash.

Jul 22 2002 Improved intro movie to Wholeo Online (this site).

Jul 15 2002 Updated Access site map. Added "Firing Order of the Chakras in Healing by 5 Whole Light Beings" drawing.

Jul 8 2002 Greeting card. Firework.

Jul 1 2002 New scans of Wholeo slides from the 1970s. On the Text and Graphics path added to: colored light (child to north and spectrum on floor), tour (moment of death and death end detail), and history (view from Harmony and water for the blessing).

Jun 24 2002 Solstice panoramas of Deer Lake Park beach access. Full window versions of Acts 1-3, evolutionary Elobeing design on stage.

Jun 17 2002 Wand and frog listens to poem for a magic June solstice.

Jun 10 2002 "Between the Guru and Me" a stained glass panel from the dome, Wholeo. This is part of the Aqua arc. QuickTime 6 public preview detection movie (not yet required for Wholeo movies).

Jun 3 2002 Recycling. Journal entries about the pineal.

May 27 2002 Pineal animation.

May 20 2002 Inlet Beach see sea seat. Added Whole Light Being page. Wholeo, guide to the Adept panels in the green arc.

May 13 2002 Santa Rosa Beach development photos. Animated guide to essence.

May 6 2002 Fresh guidance for essence of being visions, a ritual space time. A photograph, Homage to Irwin Klein.

Apr 29 2002 Added the oil painting, "Dead and Living Grass", to the Art in SF page. Added Vibe Stationery to the Drawings in Staten Island page.

Apr 22 2002 Wholeo, guide to the Essence of Being panels in the red arc.

Apr 15 2002 See announcements for details about the beginning of Wonder in Wholeo, as a guide to the stained glass dome.

Apr 8 2002 Camp Creek Lake inlet before WaterSound, is a QTVR panorama of the Emerald Coast, NW Florida.

Apr 1 2002 A painting by Cameron Booth, "Crystals of Earth and Sky". Added "Treetops" to the bottom of my Minnesota oil painting page.

Mar 25 2002 QuickTime VR movies of Deer Lake State Park on March 20, the equinox, just before the fence went up.

Mar 18 2002 Mt. Shasta from Gray Butte.

Mar 11 2002 Added history topics to the evolutionary design of Elobeing: MET and banners, Claps, and Cell Spirits.

Mar 4 2002 A woodcut from 1960. A newspaper column from this month.

Feb 25 2002 Bringing out the evolutionary message, is Mutate, lifted from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. From 1967.

Feb 18 2002 Happy Valentine's Day, February 14. From 1973, New Species on the Moon.

Feb 11 2002 Travel to Florida. To cope with the injury of moving, some carolyoga.

Jan 16 2002 There is nothing new due to an ongoing move. Wholeo publishing will resume in mid-February.

Dec 31 2001 Continued adding text from the images to the Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero book Noint Joint pages.

Dec 24 2001 is the first entry for this year, mostly 2002. The Wholeo Online web year changes at the December solstice. Added text from the images to the Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero book Noint Joint pages.

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