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Travel - from CA to FL

Starting California from south of San Francisco in Silicon Valley, the move is to the panhandle in NW Florida. The rental truck above made the journey. It towed the little blue car to the Santa Rosa Beach condo near Eastern lake, bordering on the Pt. Washington State Forest.

It all started with an invitation to visit a friend. Here she is by the wonderful white sand beaches of the Emerald Coast at Santa Rosa Beach, FL. (See the largest version.) There is the dawn on December solstice, 2002.

beach - Nancy  SRB dawn shore  SRB dawn bird

My CA condo sold, I bought a condo near that beach in FL and began to move. The truck packing looks chaotic. Actually the tie-down was an irregular web, as if done by a mad spider. The crazy items on top fit into the last available spaces. It worked. Nothing was damaged. Except my pelvis. Suddenly my lower back and hips were extremely painful. Only pain pills allowed me to continue packing the last day and continuing on.

truck inside   Carol in truck

Trucking across the country took five days. (Truck interior photos © 2002 Martin Duffy. See detail.)

I-10 scene

The two thumbs-like mountain range appeared somewhere East of San Antonio, Texas, on I - 10, the interstate highway. This reminds me of the Two Thumbs in New Zealand.

two thumbs lookalike

Finally, I arrived at the new condo, as shown in the photo at the top. I treated the pelvic injury in carolyoga.

See my newcomer's column in the local paper. See Florida travel page and specifically south Walton county.

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