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Elobeing - Stage, Acts, Stories - Conditions

On the stage for the Elobeing design exhibit there is a condition, the cast member shower. Now we are getting into the stories of the mythical planet ^elo^; following the liquid starlight. This introduction to conditions is a work-in-progress. Basic ^elo^ic conditions stem from properties likened to electric, magnetic, synthetic, and organic ones on earth. These polarities can be alternately described as metal, crystal, gravitation, and feeling. Call these the four tetrahedral properties. That means they are basic structural conditions for evolving an Elobeing, in addition to the null point. Let's avoid the trap of taking these terms literally. And especially, let's remember that its all very different from anything we know. Everything is like a building block but not a block and not built. A basic element.

What is the meaning of the word stage? It has subtly different definitions. Consider stages in development, stage as a platform for something to happen, and the staging of a play. All these help us to take an active part on stage. Intuition and free play with the elements help you to get a feel for the conditions. For examples and ideas, see a conditions gallery.

Taking part in this arranging has far-reaching implications. We design our future. Look at the new millennium. How closely it resembles popular movies, television, science fiction, and video games of the previous century.

There are two parts to the conditions. First is an intro movie that you watch loop or control with buttons. When you are ready, click advance/loop.

The words to the left on stage are the elements or component parts that go to make up conditions for Elobeing. Think of them as stories building the myth of Elobeing. You are the director; explore. Turn them on and off, drag them around, and see how they combine. In the realm of evolutionary design, everything is alive and has consciousness. The words on the right change the display of the elements. You have some control of conditions, but in a deep sense, they are pre-conditions and you live with them. There's enough chaos to make it real.

In the opening movie clip, conditions, press the Backback button to go to the start of the movie. Press the Play play button to play. To pause, mouseover the Back or Play button. Then step one frame at a time with a left or right arrow key. For the condition creator, click the words down to the lower left.

get flash icon Flash 5+ plug-in is required. This is a full window version of this interactive movie. See an example of how to use the acts (you put the move into "movie"). See the following How 2 for general help.

How 2 and Before

On stage, move your pointer over the black words to the left. Moving over, you toggle or show/hide the graphic for each word. Each of four categories has two aspects. Clicking the category gives you both aspects. Or you can pick either one separately. For example, clicking electric shows both stem and branch. Once on stage you can drag the graphics around to show varying conditions.

Additionally, there is the shower, null, conditions (the opening movie), and advance/play. To close the looping conditions movie, click the word conditions or advance/play. One advance clears the stage. Another advance restarts the movie. Click any word to keep the related graphic in view. Click the word again to hide. White buttons to the right offer 'show all', 'help', 'flat', 'and 'hide all' defined below.

flat is a single-colored backdrop. It has color sliders to change the color. Drag the little red, green, and blue squares. When you pick a color that is the same as the words or images,they might seem to be invisible. For example, black enhances the images but you can't read the buttons to the left.

The null point is the interface between the conditions and the shower, or surround or aura of Elobeing. All the visible null intersections with the grid outline are one point. Explore null with shower and transparent color in a separate ConditioNull story. Here's a ConditioNull Gallery that looks into your choices. See also links to references to Null elsewhere in Wholeo Online.

help opens a foreground movie. If you like, open the help movie in its own window. Here is the main stage message:



Here is the current status and what might be finished later.

Follow the hand (prev) to the stage page. See a map, to get an overview of the exhibit leading to the stage. (The map for the story is yet to come.) The hand in the icon (lower right) shows where you are. The roots and topics of Elobeing come together in history as the design develops in the exhibit.

map icon

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