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Story of the Liquid Starlight of ^elo^

These pages are to give flight to your imagination. In getting to know a new species, named Elobeing, stories happen. Noom is the kiva and the setting. Now the story goes on. Enter the interstices of the Liquid Starlight of ^elo^.

Interstices are the betweens.

To control the movie, use left and right buttons, like this:

Related pages open in new windows, so you can refer to them together. Why tetrahedrons? The long answer is a major portion of this Wholeo Online website. The short answer is that they are the first step in something being born or divided out of nothing. Explore the geometry of human consciousness and development in Tetrahedrons. Especially see the materials of the psychtronic generator. See and get some background about flayed tetrahedrons in a color happening. See more on Liquid Starlight of the Mind.

From this page, the story continues on stage in the exhibit of the evolution of Elobeing. Particularly in the conditions, where you get into the act on stage.

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