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1. Entry sign 2. Price for cans 3. All recyclables
weigh-in compactor truck packing
4. Weighing cans 5. Compacting cans 6. Loading truck
land fill cat
7. Recycling landfill 8. Recycled cat

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Where in the Waste Stream is Recycling Ralph?

Ralph Kline of Freeport Recycling shows how this Walton county FL business works. A sign made of mostly recycled materials points out the way in (picture 1). You can sell these non-ferrous metals with the price in cents/pound: copper/$.40, aluminum/$.15, cans/$.25, brass/$.20, radiators/$.25, stainless/$.05, and lead/$.05 (pictures 2 and 3). After weighing and paying for cans (picture 4), they go to the compactor (picture 5). Picture 6 shows the cartons for other metals and the chute from the compactor that sends cans flying into the front of the truck space. When it is completely full, the company in Birmingham, AL picks it up, paying Ralph for the load. The company leaves empty cartons and truck for the next months loading.

Behind Ralph in picture 7 is a recycling bin at a private landfill for construction and demolition debris. He's pointing out several other huge dumpsters for various other materials to be kept from the landfill. Another area of the landfill caught fire underground a few years back. It took a long time and countless loads of dirt to smother the fire and keep it out. For now, that area remains untouched. Later they will continue filling it.

First the landfill owners sell dirt and sand, creating a pit. Eventually they start dumping into the pit. When a landfill reaches about 20' over the ground, it is left untouched for about twenty years. After that time it has settled and is overgrown, ready to sell for building.

The cat in picture 8 was a kitten of a stray cat killed on the road. Call it recycled. Where in the waste stream is Recycling Ralph? Answer: everywhere between throwing it out and saving it from the landfill.

Newcomer column about recycling in South Walton County, Florida. Large versions of each picture: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. This page with greyscale (black and white) pictures. See Florida travel page.

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