Noom genesis pictures, animated slide show

Photo credit*. This is Noom, moon of the planet ^elo^. Back to Noom story or graphic descriptions.get flash icon Flash 4+ plug-in is required.

To control the movie, use left and right buttons, like this:

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  1. Stars from the White Mountains
  2. Looking back at the stars from beyond
  3. Turning for a new moon
  4. Entering the 5th dimension
  5. Turtle Island seed
  6. Spirit of Noom
  7. Coherence
  8. Emergence
  9. Manifest
  10. Change
  11. Growth
  12. Expression
  13. Atmosphere
  14. Dynamic cycle
  15. Turtle skylight link with the homeland. Bened is the only star seen here
  16. 12 great circles of consciousness structure form the kiva of remembering
  17. Greenstone jade
  18. Orchid weaving
  19. Orange crystal
  20. Turquoise wool
  21. Mist of change
  22. In the dark the star Bened glowing in the skylight
This is the setting. Now the story can go on.

Credit: * Photographs of Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand, courtesy Philip Greenspun.

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