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Wholeo Online, news and history 7

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. Refresh this window each week on Tuesday to reload and see Monday's update. This is edition 7. See 2004 News for News 8, edition 8. Links to previous editions are at the end. Alternatively, see Weekly Images.

Dec 15 2003 Spring Rain, an oil painting from the mid-sixties in NYC. Added pages to the Minnesota art page: NOT and altar for Richard Brautigan.

Dec 8 2003 Back to Nature ecofest, 2003 images, with choice of smaller (< 60KB) image series. Worked on web pages to distinguish Wholeo, the stained glass dome (Wholeo Dome) from other Wholeoid things, like or the Wholeo symbol.

Dec 1 2003 Back to Nature ecofest, 2003 images, with larger (>100KB) series.

Nov 24 2003 Views of Back to Nature ecofest content page with NW Camp Creek Lake QTVR.

Nov 17 2003 Lookout 2003, Back to Nature title page.

Nov 10 2003 Improved information and maps on New Zealand trip pages. The map page is new.

Nov 3 2003 Tried to do a 24-hour (NOT) comic. Three panels form a 48-hour start to a comic.

Oct 27 2003 Fog Dawn Rain , a photo essay on horizontal vs. vertical. Added a small icon to the 24-hour comic info page.

Oct 20 2003 Crop circle guidance to Essence.

Oct 13 2003 Putting up Wholeo, journal excerpts from the 1970s.

Oct 6 2003 The Farm Experience, the weekend of September 19-21, 2003.

Sep 29 2003 Rio Theatre mural (1970s).

Sep 22 2003 See what I see in the Lucis Trust new age symbol.

rooftop Sep 15 2003 Irwin Klein photograph, East 10th St. Rooftop with Kites. Photo to right is a detail.

Sep 8 2003 Leo Geary in the high school jazz band. Herspace, a magazine article about Wholeo, the stained glass dome, by Phyllis Birkby.

Sep 1 2003 Chakras woodcut from 1967, San Francisco.

Aug 25 2003 Started dome workspace, foundation, and floor pages.

Aug 18 2003 Geodesic tube frame archives of Wholeo.

Aug 11 2003 Wholeo dome location, Wholeo at The Farm page.

Aug 4 2003 Eta and mask, 1999.

Jul 28 2003 People's Park climber in Berkeley, CA, a photograph from about 1972 on a new Hippie Museum, Wholeo Branch page.

Jul 21 2003 Ester and the Galaxy People, happenings around the fool moon after solstice.

Jul 14 2003 Visions of Ester, the spirit of Eastern Lake (publishing early to precede the Full Moon Whole Day seasonal celebration on July 13).

Jul 7 2003 Added graphic views from the top of the Peruvian Gourd (pages started last week).

Jun 30 2003 Legacy of Eula Long: Peruvian gourd collector's object in graphics and movies. Illumination of the Twin Flame stained glass window design of 1981.

Jun 23 2003 Solstice walk around Eastern Lake.

Jun 16 2003 Started a cross-references page for the Tetrahedronal Light Muscle (TLM) also called the Tetrahedral Light muscle.

Jun 9 2003 June solstice 2003, full moon before.

Jun 2 2003 Add up the Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero hyperbook Show section. Enhanced a set of pages with a simpler Flash version.

May 26 2003 Wakeup to orange, zooming movie. Also, additions to the original drawing page.

May 19 2003 Prana path breathing for carolyoga, one full breath, based on Wesak visions.

May 15 2003 Lunar eclipse (Wesak meditation), a special Whole-day.

May 12 2003 Blue things come up on the beach in early May.

May 5 2003 Mamagua action with the stellated haptihedron, transitional expansion of consciousness form.

Apr 28 2003 Finished adding text from the images to the Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero book Noint Joint pages.

Apr 21 2003 Moss Mind to Noint Joint tetrahedron.

Apr 14 2003 Bump photos added to Bump pages.

Apr 7 2003 Bump at Funka Ajar at Harmony in Forestville California, a ritual space of the 1970s.

Mar 31 2003 March Equinox, 2003.

Mar 24 2003 Added graphic versions of the Wholeo Online book, On the Way to Machu Picchu. See the Full or Medium size. Each page has a link to the other version.

Mar 17 2003 Prix Ars Electronica entry.

Mar 16 2003 Global candlelight vigil.

Mar 10 2003 Made an index page for Noint Joint vision quest. Started web art page for Florida - moss mind.

Mar 3 2003 Beach squeaks. is online.

Feb 24 2003 Waves at the Noint Joint. Changes in web hosting: is under test, perhaps moving. During this process, if links are broken, please notify the webmaster (see Send comments at the bottom of this page).

Feb 18 2003 Changes: is becoming a regular domain web site. Decisions, cleanup, and setup are happening.

Feb 10 2003 QTVRs: Deer Lake State Park dune access and a Dale Chihuly seaform (150 KB, better at 500 KB).

Feb 3 2003 Comics path. Computer creativity, Digitized Sea.

Jan 27 2003 On January 25 I spent 19 hours creating and publishing a "24-hour comic" #1, Be Tween, as defined by Scott McCloud.

Jan 20 2003 Waves in Wholeo Peeling the Grape triggers.

Jan 13 2003 Wholeo Peeling the Grape triggers.

Jan 6 2003 Wholeo Peeling the Grape. Added Peeling the Grape between consciousness symbol nodes from a 3D view. Added a larger version of Carol Hoorn Fraser's Moonlight Bathers, resizeable.

Dec 30 2002 Genesis of Wholeo symbol from consciousness at the Noint Joint. Another ceramic hinting of Wholeo symbols, by Elizabeth.

Dec 23 2002 Happy Wholeo new year. Here's a look back at the last six years of weekly images. From now on, you'll have a choice of this wordy news and history or that graphic one. Art in Florida is mostly online, but for December solstice, a ceramic tile Wholeo symbol.

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