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Platter by Elizabeth

Elizabeth painted this ceramic platter at a studio, Fired Up at Seaside, in Florida on the December solstice, 2002. Color was first and of foremost importance. That is, brilliant orange, backed with turquoise, each side detailed with complementary colors. Then came a lengthy deliberation, exploring many possible designs. Finally she arrived at a group of intersecting ovals standing for her family members. The large ones are herelf and her husband. The smaller ones are their two wished-for children. The oval in the center is the communal family values that are continuous in color with the whole or background, yet articulated clearly by the group. Each member has an outer oval relating to the whole (in design terms, that is the whole platter).

What strikes me is that each member is a stylized Wholeo symbol. Two opposed arcs, with specialized meaning. I don't believe that Elizabeth was aware of the cooincidence at the time. See also my ceramic Wholeo symbol.

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