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Wholeo guide, Wonder


Wholeo guide, Wonder

Wonder had not far to wander from Aliceland to find Wholeo, the stained glass dome. It is the story of her life. Wondering, what is behind the design and the images? Yes, there is an online exhibit, with links to many images. Yes, the dome does exist. But what are its stories?

Wonder is now a guide to Wholeo dome's rich imagery. The icon ( guide icon ) shows the feeling of Wonder. The shape is the aura of the Wholeo symbol with a spiraling spinal vent. It appears on every Wholeo guide page (it is a linked path). For an introduction to the dome, see the exhibit, with book, tour, history, color, and questions. See also the announcement of the guide. Your guide to Wholeo, Wonder, gives details, explores background, and shows more pictures. The definitive Wholeo show starts here.

Technical requirements for viewing

A visitor with any access to the web enters the section. With a Flash 5+ plug-in you see and interact with animations. With Java preferences on, a Java applet enables all around views. With enough computer memory, you can see large detailed image options.

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