Prix Ars Electronica Entries of Carol Caroling Geary

The Prix Ars Electronica is an established international computer art competition. In Austria every year the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation organizes the Prix Ars Electronica, which claims to be the world's most renown and highest-prized competition for computer- and multimedia art. Initially by invitation, entry is now open. The exhibition and book is called CyberArts. The CyberArts 2005 - CD & DVD version contains Digital Musics, Computer Animation, Visual Effects winners and the entire CyberArts book. See the Wholeo Online entries in the .net category:
  1. 1999 Union: Self and Other
  2. 2000 View 2000
  3. 2001 Psyberspace Temple on Mars
  4. 2002 Evolutionary Elobeing On Stage
  5. 2003 Wholeo Guide, Wonder
  6. 2004 Nothing Matters, Vision Questing at the Noint Joint
  7. 2005 The World Wide Panorama: Sanctuary
  8. 2006 Evolutionary Elobeing Traces

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