stage opening

Evolutionary Elobeing On Stage

On stage, you explore visions of a new species under design and development. Enter the stage for the Elobeing design exhibit. The words to the left on stage are the elements or component parts that go to make up an Elobeing. Think of them as the cast of the play, or acts, a sort of anatomy of an Elobeing. You are the director; explore. Turn them on and off and see how they combine. In the realm of evolutionary design, everything is alive and has consciousness. The words on the right change the display of the elements. The show starts here.

Technical requirements for viewing

A visitor with any access to the web crosses the threshold to the site, but a Flash 5 plug-in on a PC or Macintosh platform is required to see and interact with the exhibit on stage. You need get Flash Flash 5+ to see the Flash animation.

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