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Ground Liquid Starlight of the Mind

24-hour (NOT) comic #2

On 30 October 2003, I started out to do a 24-hour comic. For details on what that might be like, see my first try. I kept going in spite of numerous distractions. When 24 hours had doubled to 48, I stopped. This installment is done. Although the comic does not meet the standards of a 24-hour comic, work continues. Each panel above is a graphic placeholder for an unfinished interactive movie. The trio fills out the sequence from colored ground, through liquid starlight of the mind, to encounter with a lighter realm. See partially finished movies.

Note: this page and everything on it was created and published to the web within a 48-hour time span ending on November 1, 2003. It could be seen as a 48-hour comic. See the information page for details and links to related pages.

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