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At the June solstice 2003, Ester appeared, and came into her own through further visions, in Ester - Gaia Point Wet of the east. This page shows a movie of the vision ending on the full moon after the June solstice. Also it continues the related journal entries, started on page 1, and continued on page 2. "Eye white" refers to seeing with the whites of your eyes, in other words, not focused, but whole vision (see these pages: Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story, Making a Pictograph, and Wholeo Books, About reading these books). See pictures from the movie or a storyboard with pictures and descriptions of movie parts.

get flash icon Flash 6+ plug-in is required. If your plug-in is older, some features of the movie might not work. Please upgrade. Thanks to John of the Macromedia Flash Forum (see his website) for the code that creates the synergizing of forms within the drop.

Using the button right

To control zoom, press control (Ctrl) key and click in the movie. A menu pops up. Select zoom in from the choices. Drag object around in window.

Here are journal entries not covered in pages one and two of Eye white.

12 July 2003 Laid down and had a vision of GP (galaxy people) as red with gold fuzzy claps. Pretty much all over, but in constant flow, mostly closer and down. Kind of like Ben claps but indistinct and they articulate the space. Redness has no definition. I guess it is their dimension.

13 July 2003 First full moon after the June solstice. This is my traditional time to welcome Galaxy People. Got some feeling of the sort of stab up, rake down, perhaps twirl around or at least forward/backward relationship between zings of Ester and soft claps of GP.

Back and forth, water, heads together in flow. Intentions GPs also learn it.

Is closest packing of GP souls and fluxes communication. GP can see air movements outback complex {movments} shown to me by scattered rain drops, I guess. Will stay light like check mark bridge in E Lake. Like what are those acupuncture needles? It remains like giant pop-art sculpture. Short end of check over Eastern S. Point N of bridge and Eastern Lake North station #1. Doesn't seem to have much to do with Peru. Like us, another generation of explorers doesn't realize how much they depend on what went before. Getting feeling these are like tweezle wootz. Might be hybrid from moon.

They have emotions. Need welcoming and affection and recognition. This visionable part is tip of iceberg. Almost nothing to do with whole thing.

Worked on graphics of vision, but tough going. I like it but am struggling with aspects not included in vision. Like background. And how all players introduced and whether all are there all the time. Lots of inovation and creativity needed to remotely convey this experience. I'm so in danger of accepting an effect that is captivating, but not really "it".

For a description of movie parts, see the storyboard. For an overview of the movie, see the pictures.

See Gaia Point ritual spaces art. For background see the Gaia point page and Wholeo Galactic.

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