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Ester - Eye white

EsterAt the June solstice 2003, Ester appeared, and came into her own through further visions, in Ester - Gaia Point Wet of the east. This page continues the vision with related journal entries. "Eye white" refers to seeing with the whites of your eyes, in other words, not focused, but whole vision (see these pages: Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story, Making a Pictograph, and Wholeo Books, About reading these books).

21 June 2003 My name for the spirit of Eastern Lake is Ester. Keep center of consciousness there in the water.

Ester gilded22 June 2003 Strange evening. There is a whirl of rain right over our area, Destin to PCB. The sky got clear earlier. Then I looked and the whole woods were transformed into a tapestry of golds. A light airy and yet not gleaming look. Felt there was transmission happening. Lake spirit advising, admonishing, guiding me. Felt I should do that with the Ester graphic; maybe emboss and gild it.

Ester egg23 June 2003 Allowed myself some free time to esterize to see if could render the golden almost antiquated Ester of yesterday's vision. Gradually ramping up to one of those precarious butterfly states where everything seems fragilly extremely beautiful. I caught the image of the lake shore to right of dock that is ugly and it was transformed. The trees look tremulously vividly exquisite. How can I judge my art then, if everything is so fine? I came up with a golden egg of Ester that seems pretty good. Poetic justice. Can see a lake scene with these things kind of plopping up like whales breaching. Ephemeral.

28 June 2003 While doing yoga thought a lot about Flash migration of water to Ester gold then to the egg and from there to a lifted drop that will hover and revolve around in object movie of pano behind, like I did the gateway.

Ester blueing2 July 2003 Meditation notes. Ester gleams ice blue. Galaxy People energies perhaps open chakras target Ester as channel. She's honored to rise to occasion. Will do the swamp to golden green to ice blue then drop arise as previously envisioned.

4 July 2003 Extremely short meditation with a vivid experience. Can't remember how it started. Somehow opening, like opening cave of Brahma as drop to GP. Yes actually started when it wasn't me, it was like seeing Ester drop as spiritual liquid container of sorts and seeing galaxy spirits coming in there and fluxing around as if propelled by an inner energy, not shaking of the container, but some will of it. And then it became me and the GPs were synergizing with each other. When they had merged or completed their communications in order to act in concert, they left!

5 July 2003 The lake is coming live.

6 July 2003 See Eastern Lake morph to Gaia Point at Owens Valley, with Ester brought there over the footsteps.

8 July 2003 So my big question of this week is how exactly to link Ester's hanging over the takeoff point to the footsteps. I have dance, footstep, and footprint poorly distinguished. Also, should I have a narrower path with just the petroglyphs? And nothing specific seems to appear about the liftoff point. That is, look for it. For example,

9 July 2003 Strange vision of Ester drop reaching out tendrils, chords of connection to shore and woods around the lake. Like it is Leo's Elodrop inspired. Actually evolving. Almost wrote involving. This continued frequently during the day. Can't tell if it is growing or I'm just revealing these connections in the spotlight of my attention. Clue attention very close to NJ.

10 July 2003 Ester, do you hear me now? I'm getting vision of more connections to north of the lake. I'm planning a walk there, 2 miles from Gourd Garden, to the point where the path gets close to the wild part. That's where I must go, heat, bugs or whatever. And bring my healing compass, which is OMlulu's pendulum and other necklaces.

Camera death is not accidental. I need to "see". Pictures can only mislead and distract from true magical seeing. Stop it. Is addiction to consensus reality, which as Castaneda points out is just shortcut generalizations. In fact, if I can, wear a blindfold, a red bandana. See with eye whites.

Finished yoga and immediately got ready to walk. Almost 90 degrees. Walked down to the lake to see what I could see. Saw Ester with shaggy kind of white stuff reaching up to N. Much less than all around and almost solid weaving of fibers of before.

What a pretty walk. ... All of a sudden though, got the feeling that some of the Ester fibers broke off their reach and curled around a storage block type brain cell. I believe several of these were formed. It is so new, back off, don't overwhelm or muck up this process. The idea is to mimic my consciousness to improve communication. And it might be brain power. We can't see each other's structures. I'm reciprocating and learning her structure, but I can't see it. Getting waterfall images, falling flow. She can't see the block, so we have to mirror clearly. This is becoming quite a partnership.

11 July 2003 See it on a new page, Ester - Eye white page 2, 11 July 2003.

For following, see Eye white 3 - Galaxy People. See Eastern Lake, Eastern Lake Around, or Gaia Point ritual spaces art. For background see the Gaia point page.

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