Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story, Making a Pictograph

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These pages are records of trips taken on the search for the whole self, visiting the ancient Bristlecone forest.

Story of the Bristlecone transformer.

Walk imagesI start at wheel and walk down a canyon.

I see Leo fall.

I see Leo fly over White mountains. I know I'm going in the right direction (down hill, back in time). I see a bird fly, soaring. There is an atmosphere around the Bristlecones transformer. As I walk down, I come out of atmosphere, approximately 7,000 feet. Now I have activated my atmosphere bubble contact.

Cartoon bubble It is like the pointer on a cartoon word balloon. This is my lifeline, tether, air tube. Otherwise I might get lost or perish. This is like deep sea diving. The pressure makes me hungry. Have not eaten for years (100 or 1000?).

Spirit faceI greet the deer tribe. The expression on face reminds me of a symbol for a spirit face that I have seen before. These could be antlers (crosses at the corners). A deer looking like that familiar spirit comes with me, as a kite spirit. Gets snagged on me, so I must tow it.

Takes a long time. Quench thirst by soles of feet in raisin sponge surround.

Little Orphan Annie? O O the eyes. Seeing with the whites of your eyes, is teaching of ability to see and actually go with a sponge.

ShapesThe basic shapes could be related to these biological kingdoms. Triangle = bird. Circle = fish. Square = animal. Wasp people are coming along too for the story.

MapNow I'm at the stones. I go around to the right between the tetrahedron and the entrance stone, relatively in line with the takeoff point and the N-S axis of the valley floor, and mountains. So this pictograph is to be seen on any flight approach from N. I jump up to test the spot (good jumper, can clear the stones and see from above). I see the flight path could be slightly sinuous. x marks the spot of the pictograph to be.

Eye whitesEyes in back of head are related to whites, skull is catcher. Turning on eye white skull mode of seeing for pictograph pecking. Using ancient method.

Order of work stepsI work all over the design, don't draw from a corner. So it appears to manifest slowly all over. Pause, breathe in, pause (raise hands) breathe out, gesture of hand and stone, but it is the neomythic power of the breath that creates a peck. This takes two days in trance.

Deer bring me berries wrapped in minor's lettuce type plant. Wasps bring flower dew for me to drink.

A spider attaches the cord to the sponge so I don't need constant attention to keeping it. This spider kept a strand and was parent to the one in the rock that you brought home. Because you have taken the spider's lineage, you must tell the story well and spread it as best you can. The spider's name is Inyor. I say, "Thank you, Inyor."


This picture is an impression of how the pictograph looks when it is finished. The top canopy might be in another place, or on top of the rocks.

I lie down on my back with my feet up on the rock, legs bent at knee so soles planted on rock. Palms down by sides, down to ground. I pound the ground with my palms. I pound the rocks with my feet. It is like beating my chest to show and sound power.

This sends sound to rock dome that vibrates messages afar in space and time. Einstein nods and points out that a roar sends the vision from earth skull, eye whites to pictograph, giving it the power. I must roar as I walk.

Whole light seeingTrying to eye-white see. The rays are guided back in rivulets along the vessels, then reverberate from skull interior for "Whole light seeing."

To get back from rocks to wheel, I skim back on sponge ray, asleep.

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