Ester and the Galaxy People over Eastern Lake

Ester - Eye white, page 3 July 2003 Storyboard

This page describes the welcome of Galaxy People (GP) by the spirit of Eastern Lake. At the June solstice 2003, Ester appeared, and came into her own through further visions, in Ester - Gaia Point Wet of the east.

Here is a storyboard of the Flash movie, including pictures and descriptions. See also pictures, without the descriptions.

The movie starts over Eastern Lake with the drop of Ester's spirit.

GP overGPs focus as chartreuse green claps above the drop.

GP spirals down within the drop.

synergyMany GPs float within and gradually synergize with each other's movements.

changesynergizing detailChanging color express the varying moods of their interactions. Also a detail.

concertAt a certain point the GPs concentrate to act in concert.

liftariseweave color change GPs lift and arise in patterned weaves.

Ester zapzap expandweave respondszap lift Ester's blue zaps reach up and expand. Weave responds.

GP forwardGP back Weave moves forward and back.

GP gatherGP descend Weaves gather and begin to descend.

GP flowing downGP to lake GPs flow downward toward the lake.

color changeGP welcome Color changes as Ester warmly welcomes these energies.

See Gaia Point ritual spaces art. For background see the Gaia point page.

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