Ester and the Galaxy People over Eastern Lake

Ester - Eye white, page 3 July 2003 pictures

At the June solstice 2003, Ester appeared, and came into her own through further visions, in Ester - Gaia Point Wet of the east. This page continues the related journal entries, started on page 1, and continued on page 2. "Eye white" refers to seeing with the whites of your eyes, in other words, not focused, but whole vision (see these pages: Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story, Making a Pictograph, and Wholeo Books, About reading these books).

Here are pictures of the Flash movie. See also a storyboard, which is the pictures with descriptions.

GP over   GP enter   GP synergize   color change   synergizing detail   concert   lift   arise   weave   color change   Ester zap   zap expand   weave responds   zap lift   GP forward   GB back   GP gather   GP descend   GP flowing down   GP to lake   color changing   GP welcome  

See Gaia Point ritual spaces art. For background see the Gaia point page.

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