Ester over Eastern Lake

Ester - Eye white, page 2, 11 July 2003

At the June solstice 2003, Ester appeared, and came into her own through further visions, in Ester - Gaia Point Wet of the east. This page continues the related journal entries, started on page 1. "Eye white" refers to seeing with the whites of your eyes, in other words, not focused, but whole vision (see these pages: Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story, Making a Pictograph, and Wholeo Books, About reading these books).


11 July 2003 Ester tendrils

Ester tendrils with Brain Cell Storage Block container

Ester's vision for Caroling. Flow

Now I see the feedback bounces back to Gaia, that is, Ester, which is a manifestation in lineage of Gaia. And she starts to get Sphere of Emotions ability.

Ester's vision for Caroling. Flow gets globs of gold

Ester seeing the gold gets rods and crosses and TLM

Would need close-up to show the yellow/gold features. With each conceiving of process, more cells grow, also not shown.

Ester's vision for Caroling. Globs of gold spark blue flow processes.

These zap sparks are like connecting incoming sensations for input and pineal and memories and spirit coil for output and exchanges of various sorts. These are so different for human vs. water spirit that can't be visualized, as yet. But seeing each other's structure of consciousness is illuminating and mutually fluxing in rapport. (See also Connector.)

Got a vision when walking back by the outfall to the green edge of the lake. Felt the zings in Ester's waterfall connect to galaxy people (GP) and draw them down. Or something in GP aura. Might need equivalence chart for them too. Three kinds of players here.

For following, see Eye white 3 - Galaxy People. See Gaia Point ritual spaces art. For background see the Gaia point page.

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