Mamagua Essence Action - 2003


In May, 2002, Mamagua guidance gave me the intuition to take a trip (see description). This is the fixed size window version. If you prefer, see the variable size version, which resizes to fit the browser window.

haptihedron In May 2003, Mamagua guidance led me to repeat the trip, seeing the bursts as the betweens in the transitional stage of expansion of consciousness. In the glass candleholder sculpture, points added to the square faces make the form partially a star or stellated. The underlying form is the haptihedron. Remember, the haptihedron combines six faces of a brain cell cube (storage block) with eight triangles of a brain cell tetrahedral light muscle (TLM). In the movie, activated by the info button, the triangles are red and the squares are blue.

buttons At the bottom of the movie, click the start, prev, pause, next or play button. start jumps to the beginning of the movie and stops. prev steps back one vertex and stops. pause stops at the current frame. next steps forward one vertex and stops. play starts at the current frame and continues to the end, where the movie continues looping. When paused (stopped), you can use the keyboard arrows, <- left and right ->. The invisible info button i (above pause) shows the underlying haptihedron.

get flash icon Flash 4+ plug-in is required, otherwise you might see a graphic.

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