Mamagua Essence Action


Mamagua guidance gave me the intuition to take a trip. I describe the photographic reality and the guidance result on separate pages.

Path stepper goes along activating meetings of elements. Shows the trace of path. At any one now, can show any level of detail of the activation at that point. Also, got the idea that at each jump of the path can see a local pattern or larger patterns. And can at any time or at end see all the local patterns at once. The local pattern I saw was like a water lily shape, starburst. Then light bursts emanating from the center in widening rings illuminating the lily petals. So pulsing outward spreading rings. Maybe dotted line rings.

buttons At the bottom of the movie, click the start, prev, pause, next or play button. i doesn't do anything (sic). start jumps to the beginning of the movie. prev steps back one frame. pause stops at the current frame. next steps forward one frame. play starts at the current frame and continues to the end.

get flash icon Flash 5+ plug-in is required.

Follow the guidance in Mamagua Essence Action 2003. See also Essence panel under Trips | Wholeo and Florida under Trips | Travel.

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