Mamagua Essence Guidance


Managua guidance gave me the intuition to take a trip. I describe the photographic reality and the action result on separate pages. This guidance page is for what came into my mind that I wrote in my journal.

Cells elated. Mission much more directly fulfilled than Peru. Within days instead of years. Interesting that the building where my friends first came years ago is within walking distance of here.

Everything felt significant. I got that long ago there was a very wise, very now tuned in person who had some kind of epiphany or peak here. Or a fervent wish.

When got to the beach, knew that it has to do with the whole cell, the 6 or 8 armed spiral coil structure (seen in the Essence panels in Wholeo). I'm fleshing it out. Can look at each of the designs in my art and designs made by people in this area for clues.

Started to realize my whole self does span the remembering of an ancient being and just as far in the future. I am in all these times. Also, for the future, I'm amplifying the past, like a repeater station. My consciousness now is info gathering for them too. I'm getting distracted from the ancient's purpose. It was a dream of some particular sort. Should have brought my portable and written it then. It was that his consciousness would count and that he could function like I seem to be functioning. Also he needed to transcend the obstacles of his moment, like sand storm and no shelter, just like I have to deal with trucks and private beach signs and such.

At end of beach felt the stab rakes that sensed at Mt. Shasta. The energy vibe transfers. I'm facilitating. All these special things in this area are kind of creative altars to this activity.

Curves very important to this visioning.

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