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Wholeo dome frame geometry

The dome frame consists of short aluminum tubes. Bolts hold the flattened ends together, forming a geodesic hemisphere. The model above is 14" in diameter, in the scale 1"=1'. The dark shapes show the glass panels completed in Staten Island, NYC as they fit on the frame. The thick dark lines form large triangles of a superstructure that I didn't use. The small triangles show the geometry of the frame as used in Wholeo.

Strut Guide

See the Strut Guide for installation.


This section contains an archive of original drawings from the creation and first three installations of the frame in the 1970s.

  1. Strut chord numbers. For the vertices of one triangle, see Page 108, Geometry 1 of Pacific Domes Domebook 2. As you read, you'll learn what it means.
  2. Chord factors, see Page 109, of Domebook 2.
  3. Strut calculations.
  4. Strut calculations, back.
  5. Strut stack.
  6. Strut measurements.
  7. Strut switching.

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