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Wholeo Online Comics Path Index

This page is a devious path to comics and comic-related work on Wholeo Online. Some are books. Some are pictorial, but include comics. Some are animations that could be laid out as comics in that they are sequences of images. I'm not sure if they fit the definitions of my designated comics authority Scott McCloud (see links). Surely my comics aren't comical. I wish they would be intentionally funnier. You might think they are funny.

Comic Books

  1. Kriya Yoga (Created on paper 1979)
  2. Mount Shasta and the Galaxy People (Created on paper 1980)
  3. Be Tween, a 24-hour comic (Sketched with intention of being an online comic but needs work 2003)
  4. Ground Star Light, a 24-hour (NOT) comic wannabe (a 48-hour start 2003)

Books with pictures and words

These pictorial stories include comics-like sequences.

  1. The sequences: Spirit Coil, Pineal Lantern, Pineal, and Memory Beads are from Wonder in Aliceland (Created on paper 1977).
  2. Light Body (Created on paper 1980) Yoga of Light, Expanding Brain Cell, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Increasing the Gap, Turning the Poles
  3. On the Way to Machu Picchu (Created on paper 1981) I am Light series, Feminine Ray Handshake.
  4. Vibe Coloring Book (Created on paper 1977) page 1, page 2, page 7.

Slide shows and animations

These moving pictures could be laid out as comics instead of being flipped.

  1. Blessings of the Goddess. See comics from a Flash animation and a QuickTime movie.
  2. Noom of Bened (slide show)
  3. Wholeo Symbol web site ID card. See card comics.
  4. Geometrical sequences (animations)
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