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Wholeo Essence and a 2003 Crop Circle

Insight into a 1991 crop circle extended the Wholeo guide to the Essence of Being panels. A 2003 crop circle extends the meaning. Several web sites quickly published a photo and details from the Ohio local newspaper, the Highland County Press; for example, UFO Research at http://home.fuse.net/ufo/highlandcrop03.html, Crop Circle News at http://www.cropcirclenews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=167, or Earthfiles at http://www.earthfiles.com/news/news.cfm?ID=588&category=Environment.

In the 1991 crop circle, notice how each vertex of the triangle has a different design. The 2003 design has similar elements. I described how two 1991 crop circles related to six spiral arms in the Essence panels and how that related to structures of psyche explored in TLM links.

The 2003 crop circle appears to extend the meaning. Here's my first impression and interpretation. To me it looks like information about flexing the TLM. From the skin shape ( skin ), to the core skeleton ribs ( core), to the expansion and sending out ( circ). The center refers to the previous and current center. The three dots refer to the previous diagram (1991 crop circle). With respect to the straight axes of 1991, the curves of 2003 show the dynamism of the arms.

circ Spin. The black circle expansion, Sending to the largest.

core Movement. The little arc with the core perhaps is like a breathe in, the cores are the collapse or within phase. Maybe even sending to tiniest.

skin In-Out. The skin is the balance between and the regeneration. As Buckminster Fuller says, there are two sides to a geometric form (such as a sphere): the inside and the outside.

The dark middle center is the non-action, Noint Joint.

Just saw the crop circle information in a new configuration. While channeling cosmic juice over pyramid, prodess capstone energies. Center of circle could be top of head. Triangle and core could be left and right hands. Top circle could be capstone. Could see previous crop circle like that too, if flip it vertically.

Not to see it as different info, but as a way to enact the movement. Instead of a geometric form, a relationship to body and above can facilitate action. Here are the circles matched, informing each other. See a Flash animation of these forms relative to the Essence glass panels.

both circles

See 1991 crop circle page , Guide, or Essence.

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