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Wholeo guide to parts of the "Essence of Being"

The Essence of Being guide goes into the pattern and the parts, which are divided into seven panels in red arc of the dome, Wholeo. An interactive Flash movie (850 KB) presents the same text and graphic content as shown below . There will be good photos of each panel. For this page, follow the description in the all around view panorama and the links at the end of the page.


Starting in the south and progressing through the east-west arcs, leads to the finale in the north. Now totally relaxed, free from the tensions of life and death, the adept contemplates the essence of experience, the whole as found in a tiny part, say a cell. Only 2/10 of yourself is devoted to life and death ego problems. The other 8/10 is devoted to the Whole. The cells of the 8/10 could be called God cells or Whole Being cells or essence cells.

How many people develop the six spiral arms? Fewer still develop complete reverse spirals within each spiral of the opposite direction. The Spirit Coils are basic to any person, but to complete them, to make the coils go both ways takes work, spiritual development or growth. That's what "Wholly Developed" is about. This is the essential human goal, which is why the panels are described as the essence.

The Creators Star of David that might be found within the Spring, Creation hexagon (all around view) appears in the structure - a star shape with 6 spiral arms or 3 axes. This is a complex organism showing three different ways to reveal different aspects of its nature.

essence The arms of the star are labeled 1 and 2 (top to bottom), 3 and 4 (top left down to right), 5 and 6 (top right down to left). Each of these three axes shows a different aspect of the cell.


helix1-2 shows the basic double helix and the kinds of forms that might occur along it. Notice how it changes direction of spin in the center and recirculates with its opposite at each end. At heart it is a figure eight or infinity symbol, having undergone several loop-de-loops. The center panels show the arms formed of spirals going both ways. Detail of 1. Detail of 2.

The secondary coil in each panel is mirrored glass. It appears black or silver but always reflects what is within the dome.

CCW swishCW swish3-4 shows one greatly expanded spiral strand to give the feeling for the gesture of it. The panels to the lower right and upper left form a continuum. They are a close-up for the feeling, the sense of the spiral motion. From the center, the left panel spirals up in a clockwise direction; the right panel spirals down counterclockwise. See a Detail of 4 or better.

star, sort ofOoops how did that weird little white star etched on a blue ground get in here? This is such a messy work of art. The only way I can justify its presence is to say it is a metaphor about a metaphor. The big swishey cell is reduced to a small hard-edged star. It started out to be an enneagram, but simplified to relate to this subject.

5-6 is the most complex attempt to render the far-out functions of such a cell in a wholly developed individual. It reaches to the microcosm and the macrocosm. The panels to the lower left and upper right show extremes of the kinds of information spiral coils transmit.

God cell5 is a microcosm (all around view and large close-up or bigger and better). The stone of the center of the galaxy drops into it at a 15-degree angle, in the dark blue glass. Here is the transition from organically perceived form, budding bibles on lower right, to electrically or vibrationally perceived form, left. I was making this piece without patterns or cartoon, just drawing tentative forms in crayon on my plastic light and glazing dish, when I discovered the vibe drawings. I almost stopped working on Wholeo at that point. Until I reasoned that any point of view was valid, depending on where your were at. I just went right into the change. You could make out the basic figure 8, imagining that the tails of the shape connect behind the central bar of the S. It shows the microcosm. It's similar to the God Cell in the front of the dome (see all around view or detail). There's a transition from the organic level to seeing it even smaller, as vibe shapes. It shows how things look if you look at the real small aspect of it. It's still bubbling up with life forms.

Zap6 is called Zap, the macrocosm (all around view and large close-up). I saw this vision in Wholeo, in 1972, on the last moon walk. Wavy horizontal radiation from Saturn offset wavy vertical radiation from Jupiter, as bounced off the moon to earth. The zap of vibes came at the same time, at about 15 degrees. God cells pick up this kind of information.

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