Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland fragments

Wholeo Dome images - Alice, July, 2005

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Fragments of a Glassmasters piece are embedded around the twistor in Wholeo Dome. Alice in Wonderland had to be in there somewhere. In the early 70s, an associate, John Nussbaum, painted the image, which was then copied, silk-screened with glass paint onto glass, and kiln-fired. I regrouped the fragments graphically. They are magnified, about double in size. Find them in this panel; this page explains the context. The right photo below shows the positions of the four Glassmasters fragments, as energy spikes around the lower right arm of the Essence of Being (God-Cell in a Wholly-Developed Individual). I'm providing a hi-res version (650 KB) of this graphic, which contains a record of the etched and textured colored glass destroyed by vandals in 2004.

Alice portrait position   lower right arm

See images, July, 2005 main page, intro to Wholeo Dome or the Wholeo Dome location page.

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