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Wholeo Essence and a 1991 Crop Circle

Insight into a crop circle extends the Wholeo guide to the Essence of Being panels. The graphic above is taken from a photograph of the 1991 Barbury/Wiltshire crop circle. See background, relationship to Essence, and a 2003 crop circle that extends the meaning.

For background, explore these links about different aspects of the crop circle:

In the crop circle, notice how each vertex of the triangle has a different design. Say the center and tips of the triangle are the vertices of a tetrahedron. Leave out the center tip. Copy the triangle, flip, and rotate it 60 degrees. Now you have overlapping tetrahedrons, that might relate to a TLM or related psychic structures. such as Spirit Coils.

overlay double crop circleNow there are three overlapping axes. See how the designs relate to the Essence of Being glass panels.

axis 1 spins Spin, one way and the other. FOL When superimposed, forms a Flower of Life symbol (used by Drunvalo Melchizedek and associates). (Time? Intention of attention?)

axis 2 movement movement Movement, forward and back. (Interaction of space and time?)

axis 3macro micro In or out (center/edge), microcosm and macrocosm. (Consciousness? Space?)

centering The peak of one tetrahedron or the other. In the Wholeo Essence panels, shown only as the background, a golden aura sense of centering.

In 2003, a new crop circle appears to extend the meaning. Here's my first impression and interpretation.

See Guide and Essence. See also a Flash animation of the 1991 and 2003 crop circles in relationship to the Essence panels.

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