Weekly Images editions 1 - 7

Each week Wholeo Online publishes something new and a related image on the first page after the intro. Here are weekly images for the years 2003 and 2002 with a few of them for the years 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, and 1997. The image is linked to the related entry in Wholeo Online news and history. Click the image to go to news. The latest image appears first. So the images go back in publishing time. For newer work, see Weekly Images editions 8-10, editions 11-13 (2007-2009), editions 14-16 (2010-2012), editions 17-19 (2013-2015), editions 20-22 (2016-2018) and edition 23 (2019.

2003 - news and history 7

rain   B2N montage   B2N montage   Camp Creek Slough   eclipse at WaterColor   Map of Two Thumbs   starlight   fog dawn   blessing   blessing   Farm   sign   symbol   rooftop   Leo jazz   chakras   foundation   frame   logo   Eta mask   climber   GP concert   Ester spirit of E Lake   lid   lion   lake spirit   TLM   EIE from Noint Joint   reentry to 1/1   orange wakeup   breath carolyoga   blue sea stuff   hapti expanding   capstone chants   NJ 2 tetrahedron   Bump   Bump   dunes   page 45   vigil   moss mind   squeaks   NJ node   change   sand   Comics path   Wholeo PTG window   Wholeo PTG waves   Wholeo PTG   Wholeo PTG   Wholeo symbol   tile Wholeo symbol

2002 - news and history 6

faith symbol   outback   FL dunes   radiants   null sliders   Conditions of ^elo^   Conditions of ^elo^     Liquid starlight of ^elo^   Noom of ^elo^   Leo in snow   magenta arc   creation   carolyoga breathing   out back   black hole   death west   SUL   dome sun path   crosses   chakra   intro detail   intro   WLB firing order   firework   colorCraning   beach access   wand     pineal   Pineal   adept detail   dome from east   glob   Vibe stationery   Wholeo guide, Wonder   Wonder in Wholeo   4-8-02   4-1-02     3/18/02   claps  2 Carols   Tweezle Wootz   Florida flowering   truck CA->FL   Zen/zero

2001 - news and history 5

Life  IMAGINE MET transformation   condo  radiants  wind sensor  radiants for 2012  pooling  Staff radiants   Leo things   Evolutionary splurt rads   turtle   NZ alps   Zen painting   glass art   footprint   Mr. Geary Chakra 12 altar

2000 - news and history 4

Mars   look up staff   Shasta caverns   Chakra person   torso

1999 - news and history 3

Leo poems   candle   insight machine   EIE

1998 - news and history 2

mascot   Machu Picchu   Apple garden

1997 - news and history 1

Fallen leaf   Aliceland  

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