Weekly Images editions 14, 15 and 16

Each week Wholeo Online publishes something new and a related image on the first page after the intro. Here they are for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. The image is linked to the related entry in Wholeo Online news and history. Click the image to go to news. The latest image appears first. So the images go back in publishing time. This page covers editions 14, 15 and 16 (2010-2012), following the previous editions 11-13 (2007-2009), editions 8-10 (2004-2006) and editions 1-7 (1997-2003). For newer work see editions 17-19 (2013-2015), editions 20-22 (2016-2018) and edition 23 (2019.

2012 - news and history 16

Matrix 2012 movie   "with each step a flower blooms"   Breathe to the Birth of a New Era   Matrix 2012 video, part 1   Earthballs singing   Breathing Tetlix Global   Matrix 2012 Visage   Zip Adventure   Art Fiction   Breathing 8 Tetlix   Breathing a Tetlix   Breathing a One-Tetrahedron Tetlix   Breathe In, Breathe Out   tetrahelix for DNA strand   Getting tones for breathwork practice   Energy Thunderbolt of Enlightenment, an ink drawing   High school reunion, 60 year, images   High school reunion, 60 year   Caroling in Wholeo Dome, 2012 with Grandkids, video   Fritz in Wholeo Dome   Wholeo Dome - Summer, 2012   Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach 2012, images   Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach 2012, Gallery Stroll   Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach 2012, find the cursor   partial lunar eclipse   Wholeo symbol, 2012   puffball near mailboxes   hug   Light conditioning corner   Digital Graffiti 2012   Matrix 2012   Radar Awry panorama   headstand, April 11, 2012   new leaf in deer lichen 2012   deer lichen 2012, 5-year checkup   EIE and buckyball   Leo Geary photos   Florida Trail: Re-route   Fish Life on the Edge - in the water   Sunrise meditation video   Leave No Trace Econfina Creek FTA training intro video   Creek Path connection updates   Last backpacking trip   Mountain Laurel hike   Earthling Meet Earthballs   Stop SOPA and SIPA   Geom found   Forest views   Earthball outback   Crystal geode

2011 - news and history 15

Better, shorter Creek Path movie   Carol Lind Geary, 1961, photo by Gene Wilcox   Creek Path sign locations   Creek Path from southern end   Creek Path from Coastal Center Trail (a street)   Creek Path proposed signs   Gopher Tortise pen to be enlarged   Anita Page leading the Swamp Tromp hike for B2N, 2011   Marking the Highest Point on the Florida National Scenic Trail   Highest Point on the Florida National Scenic Trail   Econfina Creek watery colors   Econfina Creek spring and fish   scroll painting   scroll painting   ink painting, wide brush   ink painting, Mac Calligraphy   ink painting, brush set   ink painting, changing   36th birthday scroll 1970, HD video   wanderer, copy   High Point State Park, NJ   Our Hands, a panorama on the theme "family"   Rapt smile at Digital Graffiti 2011 at Alys Beach   Glistening Creek Dreaming   Pioneering a Florida Trail   pioneering a Florida Trail   making a new hiking trail is hard   vibes: I and the galaxy   Wholeo symbol in Cosmic Noosphere poster   fragments of deer lichen   Structures of Psyche   Biophila partners with Florida Trail   Manifest Evolution heart fountain   spinning inside the duo-tet cube   color cube object   reverberation   Color cube expanding   Color cubes in fountain at Alys Beach   Color cube arrives at Alys Beach   Digital Graffiti coming up   developing a new Florida Trail   Char~* Xition, Embers Glo   LED freakout   trasher, Ay Yi Yi   Excavation, earthball   Pucker Up, earthball   Solstice sun and moon sets and rises   Earth Speak

2010 - news and history 14

chomping toxics   pineal UV light   earthstar in lichen   earthballs - doing and done   blue-winged   earthball with bug   tarball, Nov. 2, 2010   earthball, Oct. 25, 2010   earthball, Oct. 17, 2010   earthballs Oct. 5 & 11, 2010   Biophilia Center open house   sunset and moonset Sept. equinox 2010   alternate nostril breathing   Nick Tighe   repairing on The Farm   Last picture of Leo   Eyes Wander in Wholeo Dome   Impressions for Wholeo   Sunshine, the rainbow chaser   Pjorn runesign in color healing   underwater   solstice sun   solstice sunrise   Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach 2010   evolutionary splurt   earthstar   water spirals   Flare vision   SCA crew   eating deer lichen?   logo on lichen   what's new 2010   bog bridge building on Florida Trail   sun-kissed apple   water sand collage edge   equinox sun   equinox blessings   equinox lineup CDT 2010-3-10   annual cycling   lichen on my mind   Hands Across the Sand   Earthling Meet Earthballs   post and blaze   round earthball - 2010-01-27   FTA: mow and lop - 2010-01-20   Buddhists in the Woods   lichen evolution 2010-01-06   solstice sun December 2009   earthball  

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