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Wholeo Online, news and history 15

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. Refresh this window each week on Thursday to reload and see Wednesday's update. This is edition 15. See 2012 news for News 16 edition 16. Links to previous editions are at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, see Weekly Images 14 and 15, Weekly Images 11-13, Weekly Images 8-10, or Weekly Images 1-7 and the Wholeo Blog.

2011-12-14 Better, shorter Creek Path movie. Evelyn A. Lind artwork.

2011-12-07 OccupyLookout, a photo album by a friend who worked near OWS occupation in Zuccotti Park, NYC. Added a Gene Wilcox photo of myself in 1961. Added a painting I did of my father when first studying art. Brought Lookout 2012 Mindfield online. Blogged.

2011-11-30 Creek Path update.

2011-11-23 Creek Path movie. Why take the Creek Path. What's it all about?

2011-11-16 Creek Path sign locations filled in.

2011-11-09 Creek Path shows a local hiking and biking trail maintained by the county, with proposals for sign locations and a map. Work-in-progress.

2011-11-02 Biophilia Center & FTA Tortoise Pen Extension Work, 2011 video.

2011-10-26 Back to Nature Festival, 2011 on the Swamp Tromp with Anita Page.

2011-10-19 Marking the Highest Point on the Florida National Scenic Trail, a 15-minute video of a two-day adventure: getting the post and placing a sign.

2011-10-12 On the way to a movie about the highest point on the Florida National Scenic Trail with a preliminary page.

2011-10-05 Added Watery Colors movie to Econfina Creek 2011 with choice of two Flash, two QuickTime, or a YouTube version.

2011-09-28 Econfina Creek spring and fish, 2011.

2011-09-21 Late 1960s scroll painting.

2011-09-14 Mr. Feeling Come Home, a scroll painting panorama from 1968, with a couple of related bits of scroll paintings. Blogged.

2011-09-07 Finalized notes for a talk, Meditative Art - Zen Ink Painting. New examples include Using a Broad Brush. Updated Chakra Whirls and Borders panorama screen shots.

2011-08-31 Blessings Beach at dawn, image added. Blogged. Continued stalking my demo/talk on Zen Ink Painting with new images of Mac Calligraphy. Added graphics to Evolving, Elobeing.

2011-08-24 Added more ink paintings and a video in preparation for a talk on the subject of Meditative Art - Zen Ink Painting. Updated the journal excerpts about Evolving, Elobeing.

2011-08-17 Added a single dynamic, introspective self-portrait ink painting.

2011-08-10 Adding to ink painting development history with Meditative Art and 36 Birthday Scroll painting 12/21/1070. Blogged.

2011-08-03 Adding to ink paintings of the past with copies, Seven Corners women, and self-portraits. Added Melville quote to Inner Pool. Blogged.

2011-07-27 New start on a Wholeo Blog: weB log. Includes links to a search for Rainbow Bridge on and journal excerpts about Evolving, Elobeing.

2011-07-13 High Point State Park, NJ forest panorama in camping area by Sawmill Lake.

2011-06-29 Our Hands, a panorama on the theme "family" for the World Wide Panorama event of June, 2011.

2011-06-15 Digital Graffiti 2011 at Alys Beach Festival of June 11, 2011.

2011-06-08 Over Water and Roots, Measuring for Infrastructure, another Pioneering a Florida Trail movie.

2011-06-01 Pioneering a Florida Trail (is longer and somewhat less preliminary than last week but still in progress). Provided large images used to make the July 2005 Wholeo Dome all around movies. On June 2 answered the question "How Life Changed My Meditation".

2011-05-25 Pioneering a Florida Trail (really preliminary)

2011-05-18 What does it take to pioneer a new section of the Florida National Scenic Trail?

2011-05-11 My 36th birthday.

2011-05-04 or in the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar: Spectral Moon 11, Gamma, Spectral 3, Blue Magnetic Monkey, Kin 131 Started 13-Moon Calendar Notes and Wholeo Symbol in Cosmic Noosphere poster art. Updated Year 2012 links. Added a link to an article for the drawing Phases of Alternate Nostril Breathing.

2011-04-27 Updated Estuary Festival 2010. Started Lookout 2011 and Estuary Festival 2011. Finished Puffball Watch for this season. Added new links to year 2012.

2011-04-20 Structures of Psyche movies in Vimeo, Flash, and QuickTime versions.

2011-04-15 Structures of Psyche.

2011-04-13 E. O. Wilson Biophilia Center Open House, 2011 360° panorama.

2011-04-06 With respect to global water healing, see Manifest Evolution in new formats: QuickTime web and Vimeo both play on desktop or i-mobile devices, plus a QuickTime alternate version. Scroll down for movie choices. Updated Retreat information for the March equinox, including qigong and galactic perspective.

2011-03-30 Movie spinning inside a duo-tet color cube: Flash, QuickTime web or QuickTime alternate (MPEG 4), final study in Digital Graffiti 2011 series.

2011-03-23 Color cube object movie.

2011-03-16 Colors Reverberating, see Flash, QuickTime web or alternative (Mp4). Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance (CBA) boat trip.

2011-03-09 Color cube expands walking beach spiral, see Flash, QuickTime web or alternative (Mp4).

2011-03-02 Color cubes flow in Alys Beach fountain. Added entries to FILE (digital art show in Sao Paulo, Brazil).

2011-02-23 Color Cube arrives at Alys Beach (following the dream).

2011-02-16 Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach 2011 coming up (dream). Deer Lake State Park plea and contacts.

2011-02-14 Happy Valentine's and OMlulu Day

2011-02-09 Leo Geary camping near Santa Barbara, CA. Choctawhatchee River Section of the Florida Trail under development.

2011-02-02 Char~* Xition (Char~* Salisbury + Embers Glo Xition =>) celebrating a graduation, Leo Geary Trophy winner 2011, Matt Sanborn, and earthball on the lake trail.

2011-01-26 Camera Noise joins computer creativity. Timeline 0 outlines my early years.

2011-01-19 Advice to a Trasher, Ay Yi Yi. Added the first draft of a Pineal - Sirius movie to Lookin 2011 so the words and images both point to evolution.

2011-01-12 Puffball Watch, Jan. 06-09, especially the earthball Excavation.

2011-01-05 Puffball Watch, Dec. 23-Jan. 02. Lookin for 2011, Sirius star-struck pineal action.

2010-12-29 Panoramas of sun and moon rises and sets: December solstice and 4 Seasons: Sun/Moon Rises/Sets of 2010 at Deer Lake State Park. Entered in World Wide Panorama.

2010-12-22 Earth Speaks and updated Puffball Watch. December solstice sun and full moon risings and sets.

Ongoing: 12 Solstices and Equinoxes -> 2012.

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