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Wholeo Online, news and history 11

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. This is edition 11. See 2008 news for News 12 edition 12. Links to previous editions are at the end. Alternatively, see Weekly Images 11, Weekly Images 8-10, or Weekly Images 1-7 and the Wholeo Blog.

2007-12-20 Spiral Stacking, an iBar cometh in helices movie. Also two Zoomify images of the setting: looking west to the lake and looking east.

2007-12-13 iBar tetrahelixed, continued. Updated prana path breathing.

2007-12-06 Triple helix coloring of tetrahelix framework. iBar tetrahelixed.

2007-11-29 Geometrical form, a tetrahelix building (choose from QuickTime and Flash versions of the movie). Also, photos of ducks on Eastern Lake, FL.

2007-11-22 Geometrical form, a tetrahelix.

2007-11-15 Meteor Crater Spirits (MCSs) page.

2007-11-08 Added Fly Around Two Thumbs, New Zealand, iPhone movie (exported from the just-released QuickTime 7.3). Two weekends with downtime due to sale and moving of web host. Lookout 2007 Back to Nature Festival photo of mole cricket tunnels.

2007-11-01 Fly Around Two Thumbs, New Zealand, a Google Earth movie. Updated Imagine - rug page with Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace tower link.

2007-10-25 Added to iBar movie. Modified the New Zealand Two Thumbs Range page with my basic knowledge of the area.

2007-10-18 iBar appears. Added Green Stuff to my LAKEWATCH calendar entries (didn't win).

2007-10-11 Bliss Transition fabric sculpture, 1993, part of lostNfound, an art sketch installation in Silicon Valley. Restarted the Wholeo Blog as Deer Moss Diaries or Deer Lichen Blog.

2007-10-04 Continued working on Deer Lichens to Eat, Litter, and Evolve started last week. Linked to Google map showing deer lichen sites. Clicking "site3.4" should pop up the placemark (pushpin) info on the map with a link to this week's deer lichen page.

2007-09-27 Deer Lichens to Eat, Litter, and Evolve, a World Wide Panorama project around the September equinox.

2007-09-20 Completed the Multiple symbiosis vision started last week, culminating with UAUorb.

2007-09-13 Multiple symbiosis further explores evolving 5D consciousness.

2007-09-06 Scenic 30A, Deer Lake SW, nine images, deer lichen patchwork (choice of Flash Zoomify or image). The Hedge, oil painting, 1961.

2007-08-30 Communing with deer lichen, a movie at Eden Gardens State Park, FL, USA

2007-08-23 deer lichen path iconNew approach to deer lichen, set sights on sites. Added deer lichen path to integrate the diverse approaches to the content.

2007-08-16 Added "Being in a Movie" to the Mel Geary memorial movies. Choose either 10MB movie: Flash or QuickTime.

2007-08-09 Initiated a Mel Geary memorial with some new images and previous thoughts about an old friend and his legacy.

Remove It tag 2007-08-02 Remove It or Lose It, about the first week of a campaign to clear the beaches of Walton County, FL each night.

2007-07-26 Transition to Vajra. Entries to LAKEWATCH calendar event provide extra large images or a smaller Flash viewer with zooming (Zoomify).

2007-07-19 Added a Zoomify rendition of The City scroll, color ink painting, 1967. Notes on the 2007-17-07 global meditation event, Fire the Grid.

2007-07-12 Ideas, environment, roots, and surround about Wholeo Dome

2007-07-08 Special edition for Live Earth. Here's an Earth Sprouting City, as a preview of crazy 60's building ideas and The City scroll from 1977. It's a colored ink painting on rice paper.

2007-07-05 Lookout for 2007 - deer lichen beside Scenic 30A, a video showing effect of truck tread tire marks over the lichens (Deer Lake SW).

2007-06-28 Twins' Communal Play Space, a QuickTime panorama for the World Wide Panorama event opening in July.

2007-05-24 Fieldwork on Eastern Lake, the Invasive/Exotic Species Project video.

2007-05-17 Leo Geary Memorial, Mother's Cremation Vision.

2007-05-10 Liquid Starlight of the Mind and Deer Moss, deer moss of the mind.

2007-05-03 Added some drawings from a planetary orbit. Two from early 1970s in Staten Island, NY: Cosmic Vibes to Earth and Cosmic Spheres. Two from Monte Rio, CA: Earth to MET (1977) and Cosmic Color Birth (1978). Also added an image of inspiration: Soul's Reach.

2007-04-26 Pitcher plants video and images.

2007-04-23 An important announcment.

2007-04-19 UAU over water animation and images.

2007-04-12 Water UAUs animation and image.

2007-04-05 Deer lichen additions include a panorama with an overview in the forest, images, a nature walk movie from B2N006 with Snookie Parrish, and a scenario with Unidentified Atmospheric Units (UAUs or Chunk Tets), a Flash animation of new life forms appearing amid the lichens.

2007-03-29 Added a panorama to Lookout 2007: Deer Lichen.

2007-03-22 Lookout 2007: Focusing on Deer Moss for the forseeable future. {Note: changed to Deer Lichen in 2008.} Updated the Spring 2007, revisited pages for the Back to Nature 2006 forest walk.

2007-03-15 Updated Back to Nature 2006 forest walk: Spring 2007, revisited.

2007-03-08 Dreamwork: Higher Emotions, a Flash movie, scenario following the Glow Beams series of two weeks ago. Announcement of "enable Flash" with QuickTime 7.1.5.

2007-03-01 Dream: Channel, 3 parts, a Flash movie.

2007-02-22 Dream: Glow Beams, the movie and images.

2007-02-15 Art from a dream: Glow Beams. A sculpture from the 1950s: Woman Lib, added to the Minnesota art pages.

2007-02-08 Updated the Back to Nature 2006 State Forest Walk and Talk images with improved identification and botanical names, provided by Snookie Parrish. See the Flash version or slideshow.

2007-02-01 Updated the Back to Nature 2006 State Forest Walk and Talk images with a Flash version and revised slideshow.

2007-01-25 Partially finished a slide show of images of the Back to Nature 2006 State Forest Walk and Talk. The images need titles and descriptions. Note: Changed the link. See updated pages on 2007-02-01. From 2006-11-23 through 2006-12-21 a report about this event appeared on the main page.

2007-01-18 Made an object movie of a bronze sculpture done in Minnesota, about 1961, called Moonscape. This inspired a mini-moons page with two ink paintings on an "inner pool" theme, Spruce in Moonlight (oil), and Moon and Street Light (watercolor).

2007-01-11 Updated Minnesota ink paintings with a few newer ones and made larger versions of all small ones.

2007-01-04 2001 Memorial in South Mountain Reservation, New Jersey

2006-12-28 A small offering for the coming new year, a family dog in a park.

2006-12-21 The Wholeo Online year starts with the solstice. Welcome to edition 11, year 11. I added a couple of links here. Added video clips from the walk and talk at Pt. Washington State Forest during the SWCC Back to Nature Festival, Oct. 21, 2006. In honor of the first decade of Wholeo Online, see Caroling, Looking Back.

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