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In 2007, Live Earth and Alastair Gordon have reminded me of the years around 1967-1974 and the question, "why would anyone spend seven years creating a stained glass dome with no buyer and no site? What led to this lavish expenditure of life time and energy?" The answers are buried in my memory but detailed in sketchbooks and various other artworks.

Memory is that my two possible careers as college teacher or stained glass designer ended in 1967. I was not alone in dropping out. San Francisco was home to catalytic events at the time when I found myself in the Haight-Ashbury. My personal event was not getting an important stained glass commission. And I was "tuning in". I had been a tangential beatnik, was older than most hippies, didn't need drugs to expand consciousnessness, but I shared the hippy quest. My previously small, black, ink paintings turned into colorful long scroll paintings. In "The City", I envisioned a changed world, with changed architecture and tranportation. The one organic people's home, growing like a sprout from earth, would be transparent, in clear or brilliant colors.

Since I wasn't trying to please an employer or patron, what would I really like to do, with no limitations? Gradually I came to see that I wanted to be enveloped in colored light and I needed to build the space myself. I had big sketch books, 11" x 14", containing extensive research and design for stained glass work. In Book 66, suddenly at the word "domb", the page numbers restart with 1.

Here are some reproductions from the scroll and sketchbooks. Click any image to see each on its own page.

San Francisco, CA 1967-68

The City scroll painting

The City scroll   Earth sprouting city   glass designs in The City

Domb sketches

structure ideas   bubble dome   rhythms, fluids, forms   recording dome   dome-building car   domes spiraling up

Staten Island, NY 1968-72

building again   building   Rolling Hill house   air intake dome

California again 1972-2002

Berkeley and Forestville 1972-75

panel transitions

Monte Rio 1975-82

property guardians   property guards, below

Glass dome
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