Earth sprouting city

The City scroll, 37

The City scroll is a long or rather high, viewed vertically, rolling up artwork. It is an ink or watercolor painting on a scroll of hand made shuji rice paper. I bought these paper scrolls cheaply in the oriental areas of San Francisco in the mid-1960s. This one is 11" wide by about 459" (38' or 12 meters) long. To digitize, I divided it into a sequence of 54 images. Earth sprouting city is number 37, starting from the bottom of the scroll. A scroll painting can't all be seen at once. It is like a movie, where you are the projector. It is like a comic book where all the panels blend into each other seamlessly. The extremely linear format is enforced by having to unroll one side and roll the other side of what you are seeing. There's no random access.

The title page says, "people stopping identifying self with a rigid slow house. Now all living in a soft, mobile city literally, one house for all people."

Out of context, standing alone, this image shows the earth freed of sprawling cities, now a lushly green seed pod. The City, where people live, grows organically from within earth, as alive as can be.

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