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Panel transitions - Book 69 page 57

This drawing shows ideas for transitions between existng glass panels. In 1972, when I moved from Staten Island, NY to Berkeley, CA, I fabricated and erected the dome armature. Putting the individual panels on it for the first time, I began to design transitions between them and neighboring panels to come. Top left shows "Between the Guru and Me" and the "Death/sunset" area. Top right is "Tweezle Wootz". Bottom left is the "Birth/Dawn" area and "Cosmic Juices". Bottom right is "Cell in a Wholly Developed Individual". Loose drawings relating to glass panels continued throughout the period finishing the dome in Forestville in 1974. Color notes include:

bluegreen, amber red, lt. blue, red, brown, green, lav in, green in, blue, lav, green, and grey blue green?

Wholeo Dome Frame Geometry shows a model of the dome with the first 20 panels. See also the "Cell in a Wholly Developed Individual" as installed in Berkeley, from the outside. Related pages: Ideas, environment, roots, and surround about Wholeo Dome.

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